Councillor says DCC’s Apprenticeship scheme needs expansion

by Alex Greaney
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Independent Dublin City Councillor Noeleen Reilly is calling on Dublin City Council to invest in the apprenticeship scheme which has been faltering since being re-introduced. 

Dublin City Council recently announced that there are currently a total of 32 people engaged in apprenticeship programmes within Dublin City Council. And that they plan to pursue more candidates once the current apprentices qualify. 

But Councillor Reilly claims this is much too little: “Dublin City Councils apprenticeship scheme is an excellent way for young people to gain a trade and secure employment. As well as that it supports Dublin City Council in areas of Bricklaying, Plumbing, Carpentry and Electrical. 

Councillor Noeleen Reilly

“It is disappointing to learn that there is only thirty-two people engaged in an apprenticeship scheme within Dublin City Council with a workforce of over 5,500 workers. This is at a time when the council are struggling to retain and recruit in such a competitive market. 

“Clearly there needs to be greater emphasis put on schemes. Investment needs to be put aside in Dublin City Councils budget to recruit and train people. The Council should look at areas with high youth unemployment and start an apprenticeship recruitment drive in those areas. 

“This will benefit those young people, but also Dublin City Council long term. With the new North City Depot opening in Ballymun in March and all the modern facilities this is a perfect location to train and develop people. 

“Dublin City Council rely so heavily on contractors, and this is not sustainable with so much private building taking place. They need their own skilled staff doing the work of the Council which was always the case. The apprenticeship scheme needs to be expanded ten-fold in the next 5 years”

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