Dublin City Council appoints design team for Parnell Square Project 

by Rose Barrett
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Dublin City Council (DCC) has announced the appointment of a multi-disciplinary design team for the Parnell Square Project, which includes the new City Library.

Following a detailed tender process, the team will be led by Aecom Ireland and is made up as follows:

Cost Consultant/Project Manager               Aecom Ireland

Architect                                                      Hawkins Brown Architecture

Structural and Civil Engineer-                     Aecom Ireland

Building Services                                        Aecom Ireland

Acoustic Engineer                                       AWN Consulting

Fire Safety Engineer                                   Jensen Hughes

PSDS                                                          Chris Mee 

The programme for completion of the detailed design works is approximately one year with a commencement date in early 2023. The project will then go to tender, which will take in the order of seven to eight months. Construction of Phase 1 is expected to be completed in 2027. 

Demolition works on the existing Amharclann building, which began last November, are continuing. 

The appointment of the Design Team along with the on-going demolition and site clearance works, which are nearing completion, mark an important milestone in the delivery of this project. 

The scope of design works for the Parnell Square Project Phase 1 includes detailed design of the City library, design review and necessary redesign of the proposed works at the Hugh Lane Gallery and proposed works to the Georgian houses numbers 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28 and complete renovation design to house number 27 Parnell Square North. The design brief also includes tender analysis, construction supervision and handover to client.

While a Project Manager was appointed in January 2021, a number of changes were made to the original management of the project. The main aim of these changes was to ‘de-risk’ the project and to increase the prospect of its successful delivery by DCC, within the available budget envelope. 

Early last year, it was revealed that already, €2.6m had been spent on the project which incurred so many delays. 

Unfortunately, due to commercial and procurement issues, the contract with the incumbent Design Team could not be extended (Grafton Architects along with conservation experts Shaffrey Architects) had to be terminated in December 2021 when work then commenced on the procurement of a new Design Team which would be led by a cost consultant. 

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