“Airport drop-off charges will never take off”- Senator

by Rachel Cunningham
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dublin airport

Rachel Cunningham

A Fine Gael Senator has called for clarity from the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) on any plans to charge motorists for dropping off and collecting family members and friends at Dublin Airport.

Senator Regina Doherty said several questions remain, despite the DAA’s claims that they do not plan to introduce drop-off or pick-up charges.

Planning permission to introduce a new tolling system at the airport was upheld this week by An Bord Pleanála, following approval from Fingal County Council.

“The DAA has previously stated that it aims to ‘reduce car journeys to and from the airport’ by encouraging people to make greater use of public transport. I said it then and I’ll say it now: that would be all well and good if our public transport system was adequate,” said Senator Doherty.

“We’re still waiting on MetroLink. The public bus services that stop at Dublin Airport are not sufficient in terms of frequency or capacity, as well as the fact that there are so many parts of Dublin, and the wider region, that have no link to the airport whatsoever. Services to other parts of the country are also very limited.”

The senator said that she would not blame the public for not trusting the DAA regarding charge claims.

“It’s time they gave us some clarity and showed a bit of honesty, not to mention common sense. I hope their recent announcement means that they have come to their senses.

“From day one, the proposal to toll drop-off zones has looked like another money-grabbing exercise. There are ways to deal with congestion and to get people to start using buses, but penalising motorists and air passengers isn’t it.

“Airport drop and collect charges should never take off,” concluded Senator Doherty.

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