Alarming rise of tenants facing Notices to Quit in D15

by Rose Barrett
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Cllr Angela Donnelly (SF) has again raised the lack of services for families entering homelessness in Dublin but particularly in Dublin 15.

“At our local area meeting of Thursday, November 3 following a question to the Chief Executive, the number of notices to quit overholding in Dublin 15 is 98,” said Cllr Donnelly.

“This is a rise of 48 since June, almost 100 per cent in five months!”

She continued: “As I said previously, these are HAP tenants who are facing homelessness as there are no houses to rent that meet their criteria.”

Despite some positive housing activity in the area, at Church Fields and Ladyswell in Mulhuddart, Cllr Donnelly stated ‘overholding’ would cause major problems for both tenants served with notice to quit, landlords and new families seeking accommodation.

She said: “Overholding results in a loss of deposits and could have implications for acceptance for future tenant agreements. Obviously, I welcome the large number of homes that Fingal are building but we just cannot build them quickly enough. People are at their wits end with worry.”

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