Donegal brothers win Currach Challenge

by Rose Barrett
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One of the first tasks for new Mayor of Fingal was to present the East Coast Currach Rowing Championship Perpetual Cup to the winners last weekend, to the three Ó Domhnaill oarsmen from Co Donegal, writes Rose Barrett.

The Three Island Currach Challenge is an exciting rowing challenge focused around the three islands off Skerries Harbour.

Mayor Henchy was in awe of magnificent currachaí and the incredible craftsmanship in involved in making and the steering of the water vessels.

Twelve boats competed in this year’s challenge at Skerries, with the event altered to factor in changing weather. Participants competed a 7km route on the leeward side of the three islands off the coast of Skerries Harbour.

The Skerries Three Island challenge / Dúshlán na dTrí Oileán na Sceirí dates back to 1959 and is hosted by Skerries club, Currachaí na Sceirí.  The club has done tremendous work in recent years to revive the tradition of currach racing.

The event is open to all types of traditional ‘currachaí’ – two, three or four-hander boats, with a handicap system applied. The club built several currachs itself and also purchased boats from across Ireland. Among its assets is a North Mayo-style Belderrig currach, which was featured in the mega drama “Game of Thrones” and the film “King Arthur”.


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