Culture engagement award for Dublin City Council

by Alex Greaney
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Dublin City Council has been presented with a prize as the winners of the Global Award for Culture Engagement by The World Organisation of United Cities and Local Governments.

This international award recognises the work of Dublin City Council and DCC Culture Company for their innovative responses to providing creative and cultural opportunities in Dublin. 

Dublin won the overall Global Award for Culture Engagement for its AWE programme, a new model of connecting people with culture through ‘Accessibility, Wellbeing and Evidence’. 

Its unique approach is one of continuous collaboration; listen to learn what is important to people, then in response, programme culture in the local areas based on what is heard, test new models and activities, and finally maintain communications to ensure that the work stays relevant and of interest to the people of the city. 

The award was presented at an event in Mexico City to Her Excellency Maeve Von Heynitz, Irish Ambassador to Mexico.

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