Whole new body of thought when it comes to ‘feeling’ your thoughts

by Gazette Reporter
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People go to all sorts of conference these days when Covid allows and I met a very excited man recently who had just returned from one called ‘How To Achieve Peak Performance’.

 “Well,” I asked him, “tell me what you learned.” He replied: “I learned that your body is lazy and if it got its way you’d spend your day in bed or on the couch. In terms of exercise and fitness it’s your mind that matters and your body will follow your mind.”

Long, long ago people thought your mind or our brain was in our bellies. Then we advanced and we believed that our mind was in our heads. People mistakenly believed all thoughts took place in the brain located in the skull. Not true. Quantum Physics changed all that.  In reality, your thoughts are in every cell of your body.  Every cell in your body thinks. Every cell is a thinking cell.

For instance, when you get a ‘gut feeling,’ in reality, that’s your stomach thinking.  It’s trying to tell you something. Picture it for yourself.  A deadly snake suddenly crosses your path and your entire body freezes up in fear. It’s not adrenaline, nor is it the electrical impulses in your nervous system that makes your body tighten up.  Behind it all is your mind.  You’ve learned that snakes can be dangerous and you’ve taught that lesson to every cell in your body.

The same is true when you see someone you love. Your body becomes light as air.  Time stands still.  You feel great.  At every moment of your life, your body is becoming your thoughts.  Generally, you become what you think about most of the time. Your body has an instant response.

Have you ever had to stand up in front of a large audience and give a speech? Did you get a queasy stomach just before the speech? Did your palms get sweaty? Your thoughts of fear were instantly converted into physical responses in your body. That is the mind body connection in action.

Best-selling medical doctor and author and Quantum Physics expert, Deepak Chopra, compares the human body to a river of energy and intelligence that flows through every blade of grass, every leaf and every flower.

There is however an even deeper reality to your body. If you put your entire body under an electron microscope, you’d get quite a surprise. Science has proven that 99.9 per cent of your body is empty space – just a bunch of atoms whirling around in a big field of nothingness.  But this empty space is the interesting part about you.

 According to Deepak Chopra, it’s in this emptiness that you’ll find everything that sustains life. Everything shares the same field of pure energy. Even though you can’t see it, or touch it, this field of pure energy is there. 

But what’s really amazing about this field of energy is what makes it move.  According to Dr. Chopra, it’s ‘thoughts’ that moves the energy.  He explained thus: “This field of so-called nothingness that fills 99.9 per cent of you and makes up 99.9 per cent of everything in the universe is energy and intelligence. Just little waves of information and energy. This is why thoughts can move it.” And this is why intention matters.

Deepak says: “As you see it right now your body is the physical picture in 3-D of what you are thinking.”

‘Thoughts move energy!’ For better or worse. You can programme your mind and by extension your body for a healthier and happier life with your thoughts. You can say positive things like

“I am getting stronger every day.”

“Today is a fantastic day and I’m really enjoying my jog.”

Or you can pollute this field of pure energy with negative thoughts:

“I’d like to stop smoking but I can’t seem to quit.”

“With my luck I don’t have a chance.”

“I’m really out of shape and I’m no good at exercise.”

Rather than going down this negative thought pathway, have fun today programming your body with positive self-talk and watch what happens as your body responds to your thoughts and in the process becomes fit and healthy.

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