Terrifying ordeal for family of respected Ballyfermot councillor

Anti immigrant protestors swopped on councillor's home

by Rose Barrett
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Cllr Vincent ‘Ballyfermot’ Jackson who (Ind) was shocked to return to his Ballyfermot home yesterday evening with his ten-year-old son to find his wife and daughter (15) were  distraught after a mob of anti-immigration protestors targeted the Jackson home.

Yesterday evening saw more orchestrated protests in Ballymun, Ballyfermot, Tallaght and East Wall, all voiced opposition to the number of asylum seekers in the respective areas.

Cllr Jackson has served as an independent politician on Dublin City Council since May 1991, having served as Lord Mayor of Dublin from June 2006-2007.

When Mr Jackson was out attending to a health issue regarding his son, he was shocked to learn that crowds gathered outside family home screaming ‘Out, out, out!’ and hurling abuse at the house with ‘Traitor’ chanted and other obscenities.

Speaking with Claire O’Byrne this morning on RTÉ Radio 1, Cllr Jackson stated he was shocked at the misinformation which generated the protests, people who marched down to the convent and secondary school in Ballyfermot, intimidating behaviour aimed at the nuns and any staff at the school.

“There’s a narrative out there being whipped up, and some people who unfortunately believe what they are being told.  I would ask the protestors please to think about what they’re doing impacting staff, pupils and parents.”

Cllr Jackson stated categorically there are NO immigrants currently being sheltered in local schools within the area. Only for a short period over Christmas was a school used for an interim period to home asylum seekers.

Sadly last night’s aggressive show from the protestors which Cllr Jackson and virtually every public representative in North Dublin has alleged are activities driven by far right groups delivering false information and bias – sadly, today many parents have rang in to say they would not be sending their children in today having heard or witnessed yesterday’s frightening behaviour outside the schools.

“We have meals delivered during the night to the school for pupils but because there has been reports of people watching the school at night time, the meals for today were cancelled.”

Ballymun protest last weekend

Stating he had spoken with two principals already this morning, Cllr Jackson said they claimed school attendance was down today – due to last night’s shenanigans.

“I’ve given 32 years’ service to this community… there’s nothing in this area I’m not involved in… I hope the protestors are proud of their behaviour. My wife didn’t sleep and my children were upset for hours.”

He stated he really feared these far right extremists were using local people as ‘canon fodder’.

“My home phone number and address is on all my business cards. Where were the guards last night, when a group of 40-50 descended on my home?”

“I love living in Ballyfermot and Cherry Orchard, all my council colleagues know the good that is in the area, despite some negative publicity.”

Again, he reiterated that so many people were gullibly following mistruths and misinformation from outside influences, which were whipping up a sinister narrative against asylum seekers who need our protection and support.

Fr Declan Blake

Yesterday, Fr Declan Blake PP St Pappin’s Parish called on people to show some compassion towards immigrants who came here from life threatening cirucmstances, see https://dublingazette.com/dublinlocalmatters/fr-declan-blake-ballymun-far-right-protests-57575757/

and https://dublingazette.com/dublinlocalmatters/ballymun-says-no-to-far-right-protesters-54311/

Feature photo: Cllr Vincent Jackson (Ind)

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