Agreement on increased city street washing during fine weather

by Gazette Reporter
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City Centre business lobby group Dublin Town says it is working with Dublin City Council to increase the frequency of street washing during the prolonged period of dry weather.

“Though street cleaning is ultimately the responsibility of the City Council, Dublin Town, the collective voice of businesses in Dublin city centre, organises street cleaning seven days-a-week from 4.00am,” said Dublin Town CEO, Richard Guiney.

“Our work is in addition to that done by Dublin City Council. ‘Street staining’ occurs during prolonged periods of dry weather and is made worse by intense sunshine. Dust and grime sticks to liquids such as ice-cream and soft-drinks and street surfaces can deteriorate very quickly. A street washed at night can look terrible by the following afternoon.

“Dublin Town’s night team has been washing streets each evening and an additional crew has commenced at 4.00am over the past week, however, we are running to stand still once there is intense sunshine. Streets can only be washed at night and in the very early morning before people come into the city. 

“The other big issue contributing to street staining is waste bags, particularly if they have oils, grease or food waste in them.  We are rolling out the phased introduction of canvass bag holders with waste companies and Dublin City Council from the end of this month.

“This will help with leaks from business waste bags, and bags being burst by vermin and seagulls.  We have also lobbied for a change in the bye-laws for a tighter window of waste collections, so bags are on the street for a shorter period.

“We will continue to advocate for such a change, which we believe will help present the city as a more attractive and welcoming location in the evening and will assist with combatting vermin and bag bursts, which add to litter on the street.

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