‘Chupi’ to open new flagship Dublin store this month! 

by Rose Barrett
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A sparkling new destination on Clarendon Street!

Chupi announces a new flagship store in a premium location on Clarendon Street, opening on Wednesday, October 18. The new flagship store will be situated in the heart of Dublin’s luxury jewellery district, directly across from Dublin’s Johnston Court (known as Diamond Alley).

So, the next decade of Chupi commences with a 4,500 ft.² hybrid retail and studio space to delight existing customer, new and old. Staying true to Chupi’s roots, the new flagship is situated in the former French Connection unit, within the 250-year-old heritage building of Powerscourt Townhouse.

Located just off Grafton Street, it’s in the heart of Dublin’s luxury jewellery district, nestled among other jewellers and retailers with street facing access directly across from Dublin’s Johnston Court (Diamond Alley). A premium destination for any Chupi customers who will love this commercial retail space encompassing her fine jewellery, engagement and wedding collections. 

Divine Trilogy of Bracelets

In advance of the new Dublin flagship store opening, Chupi recently launched three distinctive (and divine) bracelets, made from 14k recycled gold. There’s now a Hawthorn Twig Bracelet (€498) available in one length. This timeless piece, with no beginning and no end, embodies the perfect promise of forever.

The North Star Bracelet (€599) below captures one of the brightest stars in the night sky – with a sparkling classic diamond set in a textured solid gold disc on a gold chain. This is a classic bracelet designed to be a future heirloom. To complete the new collection, there’s the Lost Without You Bracelet (€599)  intended for moments when you feel lost, see the sparkling star/stone – the perfect compass to guide you on your path towards exactly where you need to be.

Wrist stacking has emerged as a captivating trend, a canvas where each piece we choose becomes a brushstroke in the artwork of our life’s journey. From delicate fine chain bracelets to sleek bangles and beyond, bracelets offer the opportunity to honour your unique story through the jewellery you wear. 

Back to the new flagship store: the ground floor unit has 107.86 sqm footage with three street facing windows. The most notable window is a golden arch at the end of diamond alley with a jewel box window exhibiting a piece of Chupi’s sparkling jewellery. The main window will display a montage of everything from the latest Chupi campaign to the beauty of the craftsmanship of products being handmade in Ireland. 

The new store will stay true to Chupi’s brand aesthetic with design features such as Chupi’s gold monogram proudly above the door and a signature illuminated pink onyx wall in the centre of the store. The till point is a stand out feature with a suspended pendant from Irish interiors destination Lost Weekend hanging like tiny fireflies above the gold cabinetry. Behind this, a hand crafted mahogany antique cabinet that has 24 drawers with brass handles will be used to store precious pieces and heirlooms ready for collection. The cabinet was sourced from one of Ireland’s very few female antique dealers Joy Thorpe.

Artefacts will be displayed, among them the original framed Hawthorn tree that inspired Chupi’s own wedding band showcasing Chupi’s heritage and storytelling. The second floor will be 345 sqm footage and will consist of studio and office space. Alongside that, there will be a customer facing area with 1:1 bespoke appointment rooms and event space. This is planned to open in Q1 2024. 

But for now, note the opening of Chupi’s flagship store on Clarendon Street on Wednesday, October 18!

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