Charlie Harris: A story about Dublin in the 20th century

by Alex Greaney
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Charlie Harris: A story about family, struggle, life, death, hardship, and widespread Republicanism in early 20th Century Tenement Dublin, is written by Dublin native, Brendan Dempsey.

It is written in a Dublin accent to add to the authenticity and to maintain the unique culture of Dublin for future generations. 

The book is about a man, Charlie Harris who was born into poverty in Dublin, in 1890. He lived in a one roomed tenement house in Charlemont Place in inner city Dublin, on the banks of the Grand Canal. His Father was unemployed and would go down the Docks every morning at 4am in the hope of getting a day’s work. He was framed for a murder and served 7 years in Mountjoy Prison. 

Charlie and he had to get a job as a messenger boy to help his mother and siblings. While he has no aspirations of a united Ireland, he takes up with the IRB where he meets Michael Collins who sends him on secret killing missions. He and his wife, Vera, become involved in the 1916 Rising, the Civil War, and the Dublin Lockout. This is a story of hardships, war, death, suffering, love and hate. 

Brendan Dempsey said of his book: “Most of the characters speak with a Dublin accent and I didn’t want to change that, Dubliner’s do not pronounce their T’s or their H’s. I really hope you enjoy this book, many of these stories came from my own grandfather, Jamesy Harris a sergeant in the British Army in 1880” 

The book can be bought on Kindle for under €10 or from a local book store.

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