Proud day as retired Garda book raises €10,000 for charity

Changing of the Guard

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Writing Changing of the Guard was how retired Garda Inspector Tim Doyle resolved to overcome the shock of his kidney failure diagnosis and an uncertain future. 

Available in hardback, Changing of the Guard,  which is published by Currach Books, gives a snapshot into the period between the 1950s and 1980s, a time of great turmoil and upheaval in the Garda Siochana and two central figures, both Clare natives, who played a pivotal role in its modernisation. The author Tim Doyle, a Kerry native, who spent the last seven years of his career before retirement as Head of Security at Dail Eireann, has directed all of the proceeds from the sale of the book to the Irish Kidney Association (IKA). 

On 2nd December 2022,  the Centenary year of the Garda Siochana, Tim and his wife Agnes, as well as Damien McCarthy from the Garda Representative Association (GRA), George Maybury from the Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors (AGSI),  Pat Ryan, Association of Garda Superintendents (AGS), and Christy Lonergan from the Garda Retired Members Association (GSRMA) visited the Irish Kidney Association’s head office  in Park West, Dublin. Tim presented a signed copy of his book and a cheque for €10,000, the proceeds of the sale of his book in its first year, to Carol Moore, the Chief Executive of the Irish Kidney Association.  

At the cheque presentation to the Irish Kidney Association, author Tim Doyle said, “It is especially noteworthy than on the Garda Centenary year when we  honour over 40,000 members who took an oath to protect and serve all people it is more than appropriate that we reach out and support the lifesaving efforts of the Irish Kidney Association.

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“It is my way of giving something back for all the wonderful care and support I received while I was struggling with kidney failure. I hope that the message people can take from my story is that even in pain and struggles, positivity can emerge and manifest itself.

“In my case I turned towards writing which helped me navigate my way through my illness. I feel blessed for the wonderful love and support I received from my wife and family and the outstanding care I received from health professionals. I hope that I can inspire others who are struggling with organ failure, to realise that there is always hope, and regardless of where the journey brings you, you should focus your energy on pursuing a personal goal and being your best self. It is amazing how human nature can find fresh cause for optimism as hope springs eternal.”

Concluding his speech at the cheque handover, Tim said, “In our centenary year it’s a proud day for me, my family, my Garda comrades and all generations of gardai to be able to hand over a cheque to the Irish Kidney Association which does wonderful work in supporting kidney patients”. 

Thanking Tim for his generous donation, the Irish Kidney Association’s Chief Executive, Carol Moore, said,  “Changing of the Guard is a highly informative and entertaining read for all people interested in the operation of Irish society – not just Gardai and their families. It charts the change from a conservative, oppressive, stifling culture to a more open and respectful environment. The bravery and courage of a few visionary leaders who put their own careers on the line is inspiring and the book shows the wide range of skills and tactics needed to successfully introduce change. A very useful read for anybody aspiring to change Irish social norms and wishing to advocate for others, like the Irish Kidney Association does for its patients. Given the vital role in Irish society of An Gardai Siochana, we in the Irish Kidney Association are delighted to be receiving the royalties from this important book which is a record not just of Jack Marrinan’s life of service but a history of an important time in An Gardai Siochana. The funds will help us carry out the work we do in supporting other kidney patients like the book’s author Tim Doyle”.

In March 2003 Tim Doyle on Dame street with a participant in the St Patricks Day Parade

Garda Damien McCarthy of the Garda Representative Association (GRA) said, “I consider it a great honour to be invited here to the Irish Kidney Association’s headquarters today… we know first hand the work that is being done, the challenges that you face, and those challenges might be somewhat easier to overcome with the proceeds of this great book. Because it’s never lost on us from the stories we hear, the trouble that comes to one’s door in terms of their health, stories of dialysis and transplant, and where the Irish Kidney Association have been there from day one”. It’s an honour and a privilege for me to be here as a member of An Garda Siochana, to play some small role in the good work Tim is doing with his book, helping not only in his career in the guards but in his retirement, continuing to serve his community and protect the importance of the preservation of life by donating the proceeds of his book to the Irish Kidney Association.”

While congratulating author, Christy Lonergan, representing the Garda Siochana Retired Members Association (GSRMA), spoke of some of the influential Gardai covered in the book whom he had known. “I met Michael Conway who was secretary of the garda medical aid and Jack Marrinan who was secretary of the Garda Representative Association, and not forgetting Jim Cuffe at the time who was the secretary of the Garda Benevolent Trust Fund. Those were three great guys from my point of view, because they were the guys that brought those three organisations up from where they were to a new plain, and I will be very grateful to them for all my time”.

George Maybury, representing the Association of Garda Sergeants & Inspectors (AGSI), spoke about the similarities between the Irish Kidney Association and the Gardai. “It’s all about managing relationships right across the board, it’s all about caring for people, being there for people… you learn so much about society, you learn to deal with people in the most difficult, sad circumstances”.

Detective Superintendent Pat Ryan, National Executive for the Association of Garda Superintendents said, “Tim is truly inspirational, and the association of garda superintendents are delighted to support him, and indeed the Irish Kidney Association”.

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