Soothe hay fever misery with ‘Change of Air’s’ naturally powerful, peppermint-based herbal remedy!

by Rose Barrett
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An effective solution to hay fever season could be right under your nose

Whilst most of us welcome the arrival of real summer weather with open arms, the hay fever sufferers amongst us might not be so enthusiastic. For 1 in 3 people globally, the return of spring is synonymous with the daily misery of battling through symptoms such as an itchy, stuffy, runny nose and puffy, sore, streaming eyes.

I am just back in from mowing the grass and doing some weed pulling and hey-ho, the sneezing has already begun. Within a few hours, the eyes will be streaming.

Like many others, I rely on daily antihistamines to get me through the season, but even then, gardening and grass tending has me in tatters.

An Irish business has created a herbal, topical alternative that will help to prevent and soothe the unwelcome effects of hay fever. Bring it on, I say!

Change of Air is a premium range of nasal oils and balms that offer a natural, powerful first defence against airborne pathogens and allergens. Founded by Alternative Therapist Bernadett Nerwal, the recipes for her beautiful remedies have been passed down through generations of herbalists in her family since as far back as the 18th century.

Change of Air’s products have been crafted using premium quality essential oils, carefully selected for their ability to help protect against illness, reduce and calm the symptoms of allergies and facilitate the breathing process.

Of the three scents – including fresh, uplifting lemon and tangy, citrusy grapefruit – the cooling menthol in the peppermint infusion is especially helpful for hay fever sufferers in helping to lift stuffy headaches, banish brain fog, soothe and open inflamed airways and even facilitate the reduction of stress.

Ethically sourced shea butter and beeswax balm or coconut oil line your nasal passage, helping to “trap” pollen before it enters your airways, whilst Organic Tea Tree Oil, with its proven anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, helps to calm any post-sneezing nasal passage swelling.

These gorgeously delicate yet naturally potent products smell divine and are preservative free, child friendly and quality and safety tested by The Cosmetic Products Notification Portal. They are perfect for slipping into back pockets, handbags and school bags and are suitable for frequent and continuous use. Simply apply the balm or oil around and just inside the nasal opening, reapplying as often as necessary for instant relief.

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About Change of Air

Change of Air was founded by Award-Winning Beautician, Skincare Specialist and Alternative Therapist (BTTI), Bernadett Narwal. Bernadett’s grandparents strongly believed in cultivating their own plants to create herbal remedies and essential oils. Their wisdom was passed down through the generations to Bernadett, who has followed in her grandmother’s footsteps – amassing a wealth of first-hand knowledge about the use of herbs and oils in helping to prevent and treat illnesses.

Change of Air’s nasal oils and balms are a product of that knowledge. After two years of sourcing the best quality ingredients and perfecting the formula, Change of Air have brought to market an 18th century remedy helping to protect against sickness that can easily be popped into school bags, purses and pockets.

All products are preservative free, child friendly and quality and safety tested by The Cosmetic Products Notification Portal.

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