ByBorrow – the latest fashion site you need to know about

by Amy Rohu
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Amy Rohu

byBorrow is a peer-to-peer platform for lending and selling secondhand and sustainable fashion.

The project launched by Laura White, is a subscription based service currently free to join and users can make money from clothes hanging idle in their wardrobes. 

Laura is a Dublin based entrepreneur who set up the platform during the pandemic after she stopped buying fast fashion over two years ago and used the money she saved to get her sustainable fashion business off the ground.

Speaking about byBorrow, she said: “My focus is to get as many users signed up and uploading their own fashion items to byBorrow as possible to create our circular fashion community. It’s about changing people’s habits around buying clothes.

The key difference between byBorrow and the competition is that we’re peer-to-peer, meaning anyone who’s ever bought a dress for any occasion, can upload it and choose to resell or lend and manage the entire process. The more diverse our users are, the more size and style inclusive we will be.”

If you love to shop, but would prefer to make better choices for yourself, our people and our planet, then join the growing byBorrow community today. For more information visit

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