Workday & Gate Theatre to give 100 community access tickets and special access for Dublin 7 school students

by Alison O'Hanlon
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Smithfield-based tech company Workday and The Gate Theatre have partnered to make the theatre more accessible for Dublin 7 school students and 100 community members in Dublin 1 and Dublin 7. 

Under the partnership, local school students in Dublin 7 will get free access to dramatic performances, “behind the scenes” tours and workshops with actors, producers, playwrights and directors. Pupils from seven schools in Dublin will participate initially. The new partnership will also increase community access to the Arts by providing approximately 100 community members in Dublin 1 and Dublin 7 with ‘Everyone Belongs Here’ access tickets for Gate Theatre events.

Featured Image: Pictured at the announcement were Graham Abell, VP Software Engineering and Site Lead, Workday, Róisín McBrinn, co-CEO, Gate Theatre, Victoria MacKechnie, Director of Corporate Affairs & Operations, Workday and Colm O’Callaghan, co-CEO, Gate Theatre.

Photo: Mark Stedman

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