Pampers donates its smallest nappies to 4,500 Irish premature babies every year

Endorsed by brand ambassador Rosanna Davison, mother of early born twins

by Rose Barrett
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Pampers has donated over 900,000 nappies to Irish hospitals since 2017 and is continuing its commitment to the happy and healthy development of every baby born In Ireland.

World Prematurity Day was hosted on Friday last, November 17, to raise awareness of preterm birth and the concerns of preterm babies and their families worldwide. Approximately 4,500 babies – one in 16 – are born prematurely in Ireland every year*. 

Sleep is vital for preemie babies’ development and Pampers is continuing with its commitment to help preemie babies sleep longer, to grow stronger with its smallest nappy Premium Protection preemie nappies. 

Sleep is the most important behavioural state of neonates, particularly in preterm ones[1] and Preemie babies need to sleep for up to 22 hours a day[. Sleep disruption for preemie babies may have a negative effect on clinical outcomes, growth, and development and may also delay hospital discharge.

Pampers brand ambassador Rosanna Davison had her twins at 35 weeks and says: “As a mum of two preemies, I have seen first-hand the extraordinary power of babies. When your baby is in the neonatal unit, all you want to do is give them the best chance to grow healthy and strong, and this also means having the right nappy for their needs. The Premium Protection range from Pampers was designed specially for the littlest of fighters and it is fantastic to hear that they are continuing with their commitment to donate free nappies to Irish maternity hospitals to support the little babies and their families.”


Thirty pc of babies’ sleep was interrupted due to ill-fitting nappy/leakage, but Pampers Premium Protection offers a customised fit to minimise disruption and designed to support uninterrupted sleep for even the most fragile babies. Premium Protection nappies are specifically designed for the littlest babies. As well as being the right size for low weight and premature babies, the Pampers Preemie Protection nappy has all over fastening, gentle flex cuffs and an absorb away liner to help babies on neonatal units stay dryer for longer to avoid disturbing their sleep. Pampers nappies are all designed to be extra soft for sensitive skin, and no one has more sensitive skin than those born pre-term.

James-Michael O’Brien, Ireland Brand Manager, Pampers said “For more than 60 years, Pampers has been developing products which support the happy healthy development of babies. Pampers wants every preemie in Ireland to have access to premature baby nappies to support their sleep, aid their development and ensure they have the best possible start. We are committed to the happy and healthy development of every baby in Ireland, including those born prematurely by continuing to donate our Premium Protection nappies to Irish maternity hospitals across Ireland. Skin comfort and rest is vital for those born premature and our Pampers’ Premium Protection nappies can help accommodate undisturbed sleep. Pampers is there to help every baby, from day one, including those born early. We continue to find new ways to innovate our premature nappies to ensure their unique needs are supported.”

Pampers Preemie Protection nappies are available in sizes P1 (<5lb/ 2.7kg) and P2 (<4lb/ 1.8kg) and P3 (<1.8lb/ 0.8kg). To arrange product sample delivery, Irish hospitals are advised to contact [email protected]

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