Cap on flights a threat to jobs at Dublin Airport says councillor 

by Gazette Reporter
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The current CAP on flights at Dublin Airport which was set 17 years ago is now seriously out of date, according to Fingal Co Councillor Tom O’Leary.

He claims that the Cap is a crude mechanism to regulate activity at an airport and pointed out that it is no longer used at airports across Europe.

There was now a need to use more sophisticated and accurate ‘Noise Quota monitoring systems’ recommended by  The Airport Noise Competent Authority (ANCA).

Said Cllr O’Leary “The common good and national interest is being pitted against the right of residents to the peaceful and safe enjoyment of their homes without health risks from excessive noise. 

“The way to manage that is to use the detailed noise quota system…and implement mitigation measures where necessary including the purchase of certain homes above market value if required.

There are 300 homes approved for noise mitigation measure suffering from noise impact on their daily lives awaiting a planning decision from Fingal Co Council. This is an unsustainable position and is not fair on these residents suffering from excessive noise at their homes.

Councillor Tom O’Leary PC | Fine Gael

“DAA need to answer the circa 80 additional information questions posed to them by Fingal Co Council Planners as soon as possible …so a decision one way or the other can be made by the Fingal Planning Department. 

“I am a disappointed that so many clarification questions had to asked after 29 pre planning meetings with Fingal Co Council- maybe DAA could have been more diligent in addressing queries prior to lodging the application,” he stressed.

“There is a team of four very competent staff in Fingal Co Council handling this planning application of national importance …maybe the relevant departments should consider seconding specialist staff on temporary assignment to process this whopper planning application to assist with a timely decision.

“I saw the physical files for this planning application when it landed in Fingal Co council…they were piled high on a 20ft long table…it’s a very substantial detailed application requiring matching resources to assess it,” he emphasised.

DAA Dublin Airport Generates €9.6 billion for the economy, supports 116,000 jobs, including 20,000 jobs and many of those are in Fingal.

It is a critical national asset for Ireland for tourism, business, sporting occasions and normal family visits to and from Ireland.

The Chairman of  the Transport & Infrastructure Management SPC added: “The issues at Dublin Airport needed to be sorted out for the residents adversely affected and for the nation as soon as possible. The residents cannot be left in limbo and continue to suffer from adverse noise. The airport should not be put in a position of cancelling flights and maybe cutting jobs.

“The detailed ‘Noise Quota monitoring system’ is the way to proceed and we need timely decisions. From the Planning Authorities, Government via the new planning legislation and the Courts where decisions are pending,” said Cllr Tom O’Leary.

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