New €20m BusConnects Bus Plaza opens at Liffey Valley Shopping Centre

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The National Transport Authority (NTA) this week unveiled a new, €20m bus plaza facility at Liffey Valley Shopping Centre as part of the BusConnects programme being rolled out across the city.  

The new bus plaza, 100 feet from the front entrance of the Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, provides a new hub for bus services connecting south and west Dublin, north Kildare and the city centre. 

The opening of the new bus plaza will support a 75 per cent increase in bus services. The revised network will see the number of buses increase from 12 buses per hour per direction to 21. Bus services to the city centre are also expected to increase by 50%.

Six bus routes will terminate at the new hub. This includes the “G-Spine” route G2, orbital routes S4, W2, radials 80, and local routes L51 and 53. Located near the N4 footbridge, the bus plaza will also enable easy access to all “C-Spine” routes as well as to orbital route W5 and local route 52. 

The bus plaza facilitates accessibility through proximity and free plaza with the TFI 90 Minute Fare and links to existing bus services in Blanchardstown. Figures show that approximately 2,258 bus journeys are completed in the area every day with this number set to increase under the revised network.

The new BusConnects plaza features a canopy with 6 bus bays along with a fully accessible set down area. It is situated in the newly revamped Yellow Car Park area at Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, all of which has been extensively redeveloped recently and now includes increased spaces for drivers with a disability, increased parent and child spaces, new electric vehicle charging points, street furniture, passenger waiting areas, real-time data on car parking space availability, real-time passenger journey signage and new public lighting.

Buses will use the plaza for set down and pick up, with park-up facilities located to the rear of the Centre. Bus services operating to/from the plaza commenced on Sunday, 19th February. 

Speaking at the launch of the new bus plaza, Minister of State Jack Chambers TD said: “It is envisaged that this bus plaza will increase connectivity between west Dublin and Kildare and to the city centre with the 75% hourly increase in buses. 

“By investing €20m in this new bus plaza and by rolling out new services across the city, we can encourage more people to use public transport and reduce their reliance on the car to get to work, school or for shopping.”  

Anne Graham, CEO of the NTA said: “The launch of this new bus plaza facility at Liffey Valley marks an important milestone in the rollout of BusConnects in Dublin. BusConnects main focus is to provide a better, more reliable and more efficient bus service for everyone.

“This new sustainable transport hub at Liffey Valley Shopping Centre will help to make public transport the number one choice for those traveling to the centre and increase connectivity between suburbs and town centres, without having to travel into the city Centre. Designed for ease of access, the bus plaza will support a 75% increase in bus services operating in the area. 

Pictured is Minister of State Jack Chambers and Anne Graham, CEO, NTA
Photo Julian Behal

“The opening of this new bus plaza is one further step in the delivery of a high-quality bus system that meets the needs of communities in west Dublin.” 

Frank Martin, Managing Director with Hines in Ireland, commented: “We very much welcome the opening of this modern new public transport facility at Liffey Valley Shopping Centre which will deliver improved access to the Centre and helps further enhance visitor experience.”

Billy Hann, CEO of Dublin Bus declared: “The opening of this new bus interchange is positive news for Dublin Bus customers across the west of Dublin who will enjoy enhanced facilities when travelling to, through and beyond Liffey Valley Shopping Centre”.

Niamh Swords, Operations Director for Go-Ahead Ireland said: Go-Ahead Ireland has worked with the NTA on the BusConnects project since we started our operations in Ireland, so it is great to see the first piece of infrastructure open up. A number of Go-Ahead routes will use the new plaza in Liffey Valley, and the improved connectivity is great news for the communities we serve in West Dublin. We look forward to continuing to support the NTA as BusConnects continues to roll out.”

Featured image: Pictured is Minister of State Jack Chambers and Anne Graham, CEO, NTA with Frank Martin, MD, Hines in Ireland, Billy Hann, CEO, Dublin Bus and Niamh Swords, Operations Director, Go-Ahead Ireland

Photos: Julien Behal

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