Bus Gate for Littlepace/Huntstown not appropriate – says Councillor 

Yet again, the rollout of BusConnect is causing angst with local residents.

by Rose Barrett
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Cllr Tania Doyle (Ongar) has stated that since the inception of the Bus Connects Projects, she has been strongly engaging with the Statutory Authorities and the community regarding the proposal to place a bus-only gate at the link near Littlepace and Huntstown areas.

The proposal, she claims, would run the bus service through Huntstown Wood and along the side of a very busy school, the Sacred Heart of Jesus National School.

“The project comes under the remit of the National Transport Authority (NTA) within BusConnects. An exact timeframe has yet to be confirmed for the Planning and Design Phases of the project. More than likely planning will however go through Fingal County Council as the designated planning authority for projects of this dimension. 

“This project is going on for years and I’ve brought forward a number of motions from members of the community which simply does not want this. The upset and disturbance this will cause to communities adjacent cannot be underestimated.”

She continued: “The road network is not set up for this. I understand that for the bus service to operate, the Bus Gate must be set down. But I do not believe that interfering with a service that functions perfectly well as it stands, on so many levels (Direct City Service on appropriate roadways) will accomplish anything but disharmony.

“I have written to the NTA again this week, calling for them to rethink the BusConnects Network within the Littlepace/Huntstown area.” Cllr Doyle called on the NTA to engage with the community on this matter.

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