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From agri-climate to the zeitgeist of the political moment, this is our A to Z of Budget 2023

A is for the Additional 686 Special Educational Needs teachers and 1,194 Special Needs Assistants.

B is for Business which will get up to €10,000 a month to help with their gas and electricity bills and  B is also for Brexit, which hasn’t gone away you know.

C is for Childcare fees which are to be cut by 25 per cent for those using the National Childcare Scheme and C is also for Carers who are to get a payment of €500 under the carer’s support grand in November.

D is for  Donohoe. Paschal delivered his latest financial state of the nation which is arguably the biggest giveaway budget ever. D is also for the Defence Forces whose budget is increased to €1.16 billion to address previous shortfall.

E is for Energy and Electricity and every household is to get €600 to counteract huge rise in energy prices.

F is for families and fuel allowances which are extended to 80,000 more people.

H is for High Performance in the athletic world who are getting €8 million injected into new training fund.

I is for the dreaded inflation word which is running at 8.5 per cent this year and due to go down to 7 per cent in 2023.

J is for January when students grants will increase between 10 and 14 per cent as part of an overall €148 million package.

K is for Kudos which Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and The Green Party are all looking for after the giveaway budget. In terms of business-related tax credits, the ‘Knowledge Development Box’ for intellectual property has been extended for four years.

L is for Labour Market which the Finance Minister said has undergone a remarkable recovery with 2.5 million people in our population working and unemployment down to 4.3 per cent.

M is for money in our pockets, which most of us think is the best reason for an annual budget and M is also Michael McGrath, the other fiscal minister.

N is for Newspapers which is a tough industry to be in currently but the zero VAT rating on the industry’s products will be warmly welcomed.

O is for the Old Reliable and the Minister couldn’t resist putting 50c  on  the pack of 20 cigarettes.

P is for Pensioners who get a once-off payment of €1,100 and a double weekly payment next month and in December.

Q is for all the Questions the Opposition, led by Sinn Fein, are asking about what has and hasn’t been done by the government.

R is for rent which has rocketed over the years and renters will now get a €500 tax credit

S is for service providers who are getting a €110 million package in this budget

T is for transport of the public kind for which the reduced fares period is being extended to the end of next year.

U is for Ukraine and the knock-on effect on our economy due to the war carried out there by the Russians. U is also for ‘Unprecedented resources’  which Mr McGrath said the government is making available to the population.

V is for  the new Vacant homes tax to apply to residential properties which are not occupied for more than 30 days in a year.

W is for the Whirlwind rate of returns which allows the Minister to put aside €2 billion to be directed into the National Reserve Fund this year, and €4 billion in 2023.

X is for the X-Factor from tax returns which are expected to exceed a whopping €20 billion this year.

Y is for You, me and everyone else in the country who owe €225 billion in our national debt.

Z is for Zeitgeist or the mood we now feel after this momentous budgetary moment.

Picture shows the Minister for Finance before taking the floor in the Dail for his Budget speech. Picture Julien Behal

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