Overseas donor breast milk delivery reaches Dublin from Birmingham

by Rachel Cunningham
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Rachel Cunningham

Sick babies in need of human breast milk in Dublin received four litres of milk from over 250 miles away in the UK.

The Coombe Women’s Hospital received milk for its patients, which was transported and sourced by colleagues from the Birmingham Women’s Hospital, P&O Ferries and the Blood Bikers from the West Midlands Freewheelers and the Mersey and Cheshire Blood Bike Services.

“We’re so proud of the national effort to transport milk across the country and beyond to support sick babies across different neonatal wards,” said Marina Rudge, milk bank practitioner.  

“Our blood bikers are so precious to us in this process of delivering milk under time pressures. They volunteer their time to support us and they’re able to get through traffic quickly, delivering other important medical equipment, medication and essentials to support patients and families across the country.

“Being able to deliver to Dublin to support Coombe Hospital feels brilliant. To be able to support our NHS colleagues across seas, similar to how we supported during Covid-19, just shows how collaborative we can be in working together to support premature and sick babies.”

“All I can say is that it’s an absolute privilege to be able to do this,” added Dave Fullwood, aged 67 from the Blood Bike team.  

“It really becomes a passion and a positive challenge to deliver to families in need. I’ve been doing this for 11 years now. I thought I’d put my motorbike qualification to use and do something meaningful and get to ride a good bike.

“It’s really great to work with the team, it’s like a big family. The Dublin delivery was like a big relay. All teams contributed and we worked so well together.”

Mothers interested in joining the Milk Bank Mums group can visit: http://bit.ly/3YAwhjh.

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