Dopamine Dressing – let’s keep your mood up with colourful clothing from Boohoo/Pantone

by Rose Barrett
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For Mental Health Awareness Month, Boohoo have teamed up with PANTONE to serve you mood boosting pieces. Whatever your vibe, there’s a colour to suit you!

It’s long been argued that surrounding yourself in positive colours can impact and lift your mood, just as sombre and dark colours can have a draining effect on one’s mentality. Bright clothes and bold patterns made a come-back after the restrictive years of Covid.

Known as ‘dopamine dressing’, fashion runways were dominated by vibrant oranges, lime greens, fuschias, deep blues along with dynamic patterns in electric pieces – with designers such as Dior and Versace espousing the new trends reminiscent of the Cyndi Lauper era!

Check out Boohoo Pantone’s colour themed range: feel revived and replenished in Love Bird.

From Pantone Boxy zipped through sweatshirt €38

Feel electric and exhilarated in Sonic Blue. Feel spiritual and enchanted in Liberty. Feel refreshed and invigorated in Poison Green. Feel peace-of-mind and mystical in Sheer Lilac. Feel high-spirited and tantalizing in Pink Glo. jogging shorts in bright pink €18

Feel cleansed and soothed in Blue Radiance. Feel energized and vibrant in Turmeric. For when there just aren’t the right words, Pantone by boohoo, communication through colour. Pantone straight leg jogging pants €30

Bright clothes and bold patterns are dominating 2022. With eye-catching patterns in electric colours and statement pieces in lime greens, lemon yellows and hot pinks, this trend, known as “dopamine dressing,” has taken over the runways recently for some of fashion’s biggest designers. Dior’s Spring Summer collection boasted pieces in bright orange and green, and Versace‘s Spring Summer 2022 collection revealed tops, skirts and dresses in teal, fuschia and more.

Boohoo Pantone cropped boxy oversized T-shirt €12

But it turns out, these clothes aren’t just fun to look at — wearing bright, punchy colours can be linked to your mood. And by participating in dopamine dressing by putting on an outfit in vivid colours, you can actually make yourself more cheerful — one study from 2012 explains that clothes that are “well-cut, figure-enhancing, and made from bright and beautiful fabrics” made women happy. Pantone orange Pantone unitard €22

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