Investment programme to create 60 jobs 

by Rachel Cunningham
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Blackrock Health Group has announced a €25m investment in a new digital transformation programme, writes Rachel Cunningham.

The digital transformation project will take three years to implement and will create 60 new jobs across the Blackrock Health group as a direct result of the investment. 

The investment of the group, which comprises of the Blackrock, Galway Hermitage and Limerick Clinics, includes the introduction of the very latest in electronic health record systems, MEDITECH Expanse and the introduction of Ireland’s first integrated digital engagement platform.

These innovations will serve to connect patient data for the 325,000 patients it treats annually across its four clinics.

The MEDITECH Expanse electronic health record system will help to guide clinical decision-making by offering a comprehensive view of a patient’s health history and will allow patients to attend any of the hospitals within the group with seamless access to their records.

The system will also ensure that key information is available to their GP for any follow-up.

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