Young Biosphere artists celebrate success with Old Irish Goats

by Rose Barrett
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Almost 30 children from Dublin were presented with the 2023 Dublin Bay UNESCO Biosphere Calendar, which features some of their own artwork. 

Earlier in the year young artists across the city were challenged with creating art which depicted the wonderful wildlife, rich cultural heritage and amazing activities available in Dublin Bay.  From the dozens of competition entries received, 13 winners and 15 runner-ups were selected to feature in the calendar. 

They met this week at The Howth Old Irish Goat Grazing Project to receive their prizes. The Old Irish Goats are Ireland’s newest Native Rare Breed and were officially recognised in June of this year.

The winners each received a special limited edition Gold Calendar and a €50 One4All voucher, whilst the runners-up each received a special limited edition Silver calendar and a €15 One4All voucher.  

Dean Eaton, Biosphere Coordinator said, “We’re delighted to be able bring these wonderful artists to The Howth Old Irish Grasing Project to meet the goats and learn about this brilliant conservation project and to reward them for sharing their wonderful art with us.”

“The Howth Old Irish Goat Grazing Project’ was chosen so our artists could meet the Old Irish Goats and learn about this brilliant conservation project. The goats help reduce forest fires on Howth by eating gorse and other flammable material, whilst Howth offers a fantastic location for the goats to breed,  thereby helping to increase the population of this endangered species.” 

UNESCO Biosphere are committed to effectively managing nature reserves for the benefit of people and nature. Through the wonderful artwork produced by these amazing young people we are able to share our internationally important Biosphere Reserve with a greater audience.”  

16 November 2022; Clara Celin (11) left and Millie Ruane (10) pupils of Loreto Grange Road Primary school, winners in the Dublin Bay UNESCO Biosphere Calendar Competition meet a kid Old Irish goat in Howth.
Photos: Damien Eagers

Feature photo shows l-r: Holly Moran (10), Ciara Celin (11), Amelie Mitchell (10) and Rebecca Connolly (11), pupils of Loreto Grange Road Primary School. Winners in the 2023 Dublin Bay UNESCO Biosphere Calendar with Melissa Jeuken, Goat Herder and Dean Eaton, Biosphere Coordinator, Dublin City Council.


COVER ‘Puffins and Lighthouse’ by Clara Celin – Loreto Grange Road

January ‘Lambay Island’ by Zachary Tighe – St. Patrick’s BNS

February ‘Kingfisher’ by Tom Gurry – Kill o’ the Grange National School

March ‘Two Seals’ by Lily Mak Loreto Grange Road

April ‘Mr Heron’ by Levi Coada – Abeka Academy Homeschool

May ‘Flower’ by Elodie Burke – Holywell ETNS

June ‘Save the Bee’ by Aoife, Aisling, Sri Yashna and Tara – St. Raphaela’s Primary School

July ‘Summer Fun’ by Amelia Curtin – Belmayne ETNS

August ‘Seashore’ by Melanie Riecka – Belmayne ETNS

September ‘Dublin Bay Down Under’ by Ryan Darcy – St. Patrick’s BNS

October ‘Save the Beauty of Nature in Ireland’ by Leonardo Vezzosi – St. Patrick’s BNS

November ‘Big and Little Dolphin’ by Isabelle King – Loreto Grange Road

December ‘Puffin Looking at Lighthouse’ by Sophia Marquis – Loreto Grange Road

Runners-up – Montage Page

Méabh Dockery (Aged 6) – 1st Fairview Scouts

Isabela Martinez – Murphy – Belmayne ETNS 

Maya Russouw – Edmonstown National School

Borys Bednarzcyk – St. Patrick’s BNS 

Alex Januszewski – St. Patrick’s BNS

Oliver Diskin St. Patrick’s BNS

Tuiren Dockery (aged 4) – 1st Fairview Scouts

Millie Ruane – Loreto Grange Road 

Rebecca Connolly – Loreto Grange Road 

Holly Feeney – Loreto Grange Road 

Holly Moran – Loreto Grange Road 

Elisa Kennedy Rodreiguez – Loreto Grange Road 

Amelie Mitchell – Loreto Grange Road 

Myra, Shauna and Lidia – St. Raphaela’s Primary School

Ellen Pedreschi – 1st Dublin Fairview Scouts

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