Public urged to give views on newest Biodiversity Action Plan

by Rachel Cunningham
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The Minister of State for Heritage and Electoral Reform, Malcolm Noonan, is urging members of the public to submit their views to the consultation of Ireland’s fourth national Biodiversity Action Plan

“We are launching this public consultation against a backdrop of unprecedented challenges for nature in Ireland and globally. How we collectively and collaboratively address these challenges will define not just our ability to halt biodiversity loss, but how we as a species will survive and thrive into the future”, the Minister commented.

The current draft plan has been informed by national, European and international policies, strategies, legislation and science. It sets out a vision for an Ireland in 2050, which would embed biodiversity at the heart of climate action and see an enhancement of the evidence base for action on biodiversity. It also underscores Ireland’s conservation and restoration needs and the value of the country’s contribution to international biodiversity.

“It’s really important that the next National Biodiversity Action Plan be in itself a living document. Yes, it must be actionable and impactful but it must also reflect the different voices that will inform its content. I urge members of the public to have their say and engage with this public consultation”, Minister Noonan stated.  

Following public consultation, the final version of the plan will be published in early 2023, to ensure that the recommendations of the ongoing Citizens’ Assembly and the parallel Children and Young People’s Assembly on biodiversity loss will be considered. 

Members of the public are invited to submit their views by November 9. The draft of the action plan can be found at where submission to the public consultation can also be made.

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