Bellamianta’s CEO joins HPRA in denouncing dangers of nasal tanning sprays 

by Rose Barrett
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Linda Stinson, CEO of Ireland’s premier luxury tan brand Bellamianta, has joined the “Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA)” in vehemently denouncing the health dangers of nasal tanning sprays, widely promoted across social media worldwide.  

Nasal tanning sprays are promoted as a fast-track ticket to an authentic tan with minimal effort. Beneath the façade of glamour and convenience lurks the active ingredient Melanotan 2, famously labelled “the barbie drug”due to its tanning and appetite-suppressing effects.

It works by mimicking a hormone that tricks the body into producing excess melanin, the pigment that makes our skin darker when exposed to UV light. 

This synthetic, hazardous substance is actually banned in multiple countries, including Ireland, US, UK, and Australia due to grave concerns about its safety. Side-effects include sun hypersensitivity, pigmentation, rapidly accelerated skin ageing, vomiting and diarrhoea, kidney damage and potentially failure, sexual dysfunction and skin cancer.

Perhaps most disturbingly, there have been multiple reports of the swift onset of skin cancer linked with the use of Melanotan 2, with one account involving a girl as young as 16 years old. 

Adding to the concern is the reality that these sprays have managed to completely sidestep all required testing and safety regulations so the full potential long-term health effects remain unknown. 

As a leading advocate for safe tanning, Linda Stinson has not hesitated to back the HPRA in expressing her opinion on this proclaimed “miracle solution.” 

“Let’s be clear here – nasal tanning sprays laced with Melanotan 2 are a shortcut to disaster” she says. “You can enjoy the confidence of a glow without cutting corners that pose a risk to your health. Topically applied tanning products change the colour on the outer layer of your skin, so they don’t sink into your blood stream, and are thoroughly tried and tested.”

Bellamianta are certified as Vegan and cruelty free, and are free from parabens, harsh chemicals, GMO’s, perfume, alcohol, animal derivatives, petrochemicals, sulphates and silicone. 

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