Irish Celebrity Makeup Artist Paula Callan Launches Artistry Academy

The State-Of-The-Art Technology That Brings Makeup Tutorials To A Whole New Level With An Exclusive In-App Artist-Led Cours

by Alison O'Hanlon
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Using state-of-the-art masterclass technology, Artistry Academy allows users to not only learn makeup application techniques directly from renowned Irish makeup artist Paula Callan, but to continue to practise and develop their skills at home in real-time.

Amidst the exclusive and opulent Georgian charm of No. 25 Fitzwilliam Place, Celebrity Makeup Artist Paula Callan unveiled Artistry Academy, elevating the future of makeup tutorials whilst surrounded by some of the Ireland’s elite creatives and cosmetics connoisseurs.

Hosted by RTE 2FM’s Laura Fox, guests were enthralled by Paula’s introduction, building an excitement amongst the crowd for what is to come. DJ Marty Guilfoyle filled the venue with buzzing music, whilst attendees savoured delectable canapés and wine throughout the night.

Paula Callan (centre) pictured with Laura Fox and Marty Guilfoyle at the launch of her her Artistry Academy App at No 25 Fitzwilliam Place,Dublin.

Invited guests included Virgin Media’s  Elaine Crowley, Jenny McCarthy, Michele McGrath . Celebrity Hair Stylists Ceira Lambert and Sian Sharkey, and International Hair Stylist Roy Leigh.

CEO and Owner of Bellamianta, Linda Stinson. Pro Makeup Artists Christine Lucignano, Sandra Gillen, Aidan Corcoran, Ruth Bergin, Danielle Mahon, and coveted Stylists Sarah Rickard, Jess Colivet, and Fiona Fagan. Actress Sophie Vavasseur ,Jordan Reddy, Patrick Blue and Cian Macken. 

Online makeup tutorials have been a useful tool for learning application techniques since the dawn of the internet but how do you truly master expert at-home skills tailored to your personal needs when there are countless influencers demonstrating endless methods, trends and looks?

Paula, alongside her business partners, Mark Scannell and Zvonimir Karalic, spotted some fundamental issues in how professional beauty tutorials are delivered. When performed in a workshop format, the techniques, although demonstrated in person, cannot be replayed again and practised in the person’s own time.

In-person attendance is also required, making such events more suited to the professional makeup artist than the everyday makeup wearer. And while YouTube tutorial videos on makeup are available, the sensational and hyperbolic nature of promoting content on this platform leads to an unstructured learning experience, where a natural progression of skills to build upon is difficult to achieve.

With three decades at the highest level of the makeup industry, Paula Callan decided to distil her vast knowledge into a course where the everyday at-home artist could transform their talents very quickly. With a true talent for making the complex seem simple, Paula has designed a course that will bring learners on the journey from the fundamentals of skin preparation, before makeup application would even begin, to more complex editorial looks for special occasions.

Shot over seven days and carefully edited over many months, Paula’s Artistry Academy course is a masterclass in every sense of the term, allowing someone with very little knowledge of makeup to be highly competent within a very short period.

Lessons range from foundation application to mastering various lip looks as well as makeup for mature skin. And all products and brushes used are referenced, so there is no mystery to the magic.

But the learning and interaction does not stop there. Artistry Academy’s optional community element allows users to enjoy regular content updates, live Zoom events and product reviews within the private forum.

Additionally, the community provides a safe and structured space where users can connect with the artist and their team for feedback on their skills and progression. While Artistry Academy begins with Paula’s makeup masterclass, new classes with elite level beauty artists are forthcoming.

Artistry Academy has been conceived and designed as a trusted platform, where users can come to learn from the best in the industry, in a very enjoyable and palatable way, due to a structured course format, and broadcast level production values.

The Artistry Academy app is available on Google Play and the App Store. Paula’s makeup masterclass is priced at €297 for the intermediate course, and €347 for the advanced course.

For more details, visit

Paula Callan Artistry tools and brushes are used throughout the course and are available to order at so users can truly master their skills and techniques to achieve professional results at home.

Pictures Brian McEvoy

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