Lottie Ryan launches the luxurious new ‘The Skin Nurse Clinic’

by Alison O'Hanlon
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The Skin Nurse Clinic, at the pinnacle of luxury medical skincare and wellness in Dublin, celebrated the opening of its new flagship clinic with a distinguished event, highlighted by the presence of acclaimed broadcaster Lottie Ryan.

The clinic, under the leadership of Nicola O’Byrne, known as “The Skin Nurse,” has expanded to a new, opulent space, reaffirming its dedication to providing extraordinary, personalised experiences.

Nicola O’Byrne’s approach is centred around the belief that true transformation in skincare is achieved on one’s own terms, emphasising that the journey from ordinary to extraordinary lies in that ‘little extra’ care and attention to detail. This philosophy was evident throughout the launch event, where guests were introduced to the clinic’s signature treatments, including the Scarlet RF, TCA Peel, and wellness therapies such as the lymphatic chamber, Skin Nurse Facials, and Indian Head Massage, along with the innovative Emsella Chair for incontinence and sexual health improvement.

The new clinic, situated in Clontarf, is designed as a sanctuary of tranquillity and luxury, with treatment rooms that reflect the clinic’s commitment to excellence and the bespoke nature of its services. “Our expansion is more than just a new space; it’s a testament to our commitment to empowering our clients on their skin and wellness journey, offering that ‘little extra’ that makes all the difference,” said Nicola O’Byrne.

The event showcased The Skin Nurse Clinic’s holistic approach to skincare, blending cutting-edge treatments with a deep understanding of individual wellness needs, ensuring that each client’s experience is tailored to their unique path to radiance and well-being.

Nicola’s dedication to merging the latest in medical and aesthetic practices with a personalised touch sets The Skin Nurse Clinic apart, making it the go-to destination for those seeking not just to enhance their appearance, but to embrace a comprehensive approach to their skincare and wellness journey.

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