Holiday glam with Bellamianta and Maura Higgins

by Rose Barrett
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Prepare to outshine the Christmas lights with Bellamianta Luxury Tanning’s 7-Piece Bronzing Classics and Maura Higgins Gift Sets!

Whether you’re gifting a fellow tan aficionado or embracing some well-deserved self-indulgence (because you absolutely deserve it), this extraordinary set is your ticket to a luminously sun-kissed holiday glow that is guaranteed to make heads spin with envy and admiration.

Peel back the layers of the exclusive 7-Piece Tanning Set to reveal a dazzling collection of Bellamianta’s bronzing treasures, including their iconic Dark Tanning Mousse, Bronzing Powder, Face Tanning Brush, Luxury Tanning Mitt, Luxury Exfoliating Mitt, Butter Me Up Body Butter, and Hyaluronic Face Masks.

Included in the illuminating Bellamianta X Maura Higgins 4-Piece set is the Maura Higgins Dark Tanning Mousse, Champagne Illuminating Body Liquid, Champagne Bronzing Powder, and Champagne Glow Mist Spray.

Whether you’re prepping for a Christmas soirée or spreading the joy of radiant skin as a gift, these sets are fan-favourite-filled collections bursting with skin-loving essentials from Ireland’s Number 1 premium tanning brand. It’s your all-in-one solution for achieving, maintaining, and flaunting that radiant glow that’ll have everyone asking, “How do you look so fabulous?”

Bronzing Classics 7-Piece Gift Set RRP: €120

Tanning Mousse in Dark
Bellamianta Luxury Tanning’s iconic Tanning Mousse is the absolute must-have for tanning connoisseurs. With Bellamianta’s signature guide colour and a revolutionary 60-second fast dry system, your tan is not just ready to flaunt but will evolve into a gentle sun-kissed glow after just 2 hours, a medium bronzed tone after 3 hours, and a deep, sultry tan after 4 hours or more – all without leaving a trace on your attire. But here’s where the magic truly unfolds: as the tan dries, their ultra-smart hydration system goes to work, quenching your skin’s thirst and ensuring a flawless fade without any hint of that dreaded “snakeskin” effect.

“Butter Me Up” Body Butter
Indulge in the ultimate skin-reviving experience with Bellamianta’s Butter Me Up Oil-Free Body Butter. This luxurious infusion, enriched with Shea and Cocoa Butter, envelops your skin in tender loving care, unlocking its radiant potential with every application. Hyaluronic Acid delivers a surge of deep hydration, quenching your skin’s thirst, while a harmonious blend of fruit extracts and Vitamins A, B, and C lavishes unparalleled pampering, enhancing the longevity of your sun-kissed allure and working wonders to improve skin tone, texture, and even diminish those persistent signs of cellulite.

Hyaluronic Face Mask
Bellamianta’s Hyaluronic Face Mask is a skincare game-change. Hyaluronic Acid ensures deep moisture infusion, Vitamin C brightens and evens skin tone, and Collagen firms and tightens, resulting in a remarkable formula that deeply nurtures and rejuvenates, revealing a stunning, glowing complexion you’ll absolutely love.

Bronzing Powder
This enchanting, gold-flecked, finely milled powder bestows a delicate veil of coverage upon your skin, while its ultra-fine light-reflecting particles craft a luminous aura that’s tailor-made for any event, any day. Featherlight and armed with ultra-fine pigments, this powder dances with your skin’s inherent undertones, delivering an unparalleled, one-of-a-kind skin-perfecting finale. A quick swirl with a brush captures these light-diffusing wonders, delivering a colour payoff that’s perfection on its own or when mingled with your cherished Bellamianta Tan.

Luxury Exfoliating Glove
Prepare for perfection, ensuring your skin is primed for the ultimate tanning experience. A vital step in your pre-tanning ritual, this product guarantees a flawless canvas before your next Bellamianta Luxury Tanning session.

Luxury Velvet Tanning Mitt
Say goodbye to uneven tans and hello to a radiant, flawless you. Whether you’re a tanning pro or a first-timer, this tool is your secret weapon for achieving a picture-perfect tan that’s bound to turn heads and leave you feeling confidently radiant. This is your ticket to a tanning experience like no other, ensuring that your sun-kissed glow appears seamlessly uniform, with no room for streaks or imperfections.

Luxury Face Tanning Brush
Say hello to your new go-to for a luminous, flawless complexion. Bellamianta’s Luxury Face Tanning Brush is the ultimate companion for achieving a seamless, radiant glow. Crafted with plush, soft synthetic bristles, this brush treats your skin gently while ensuring a flawless, even application that’s perfect for contouring. It’s a must-have addition to your makeup bag, promising that every day can be a sun-kissed day with a touch of luxury and grace.

Bellamianta X Maura Higgins Champagne Glow 4-Piece Set ROI ONLY. RRP: €90 (Worth €99.96)

Maura Higgins Luxury Tanning Mousse (Dark)
This innovative formula seamlessly combines tanning and skincare to achieve that stunning Bella-babe glow. Packed with an array of natural fruit extracts and vital vitamins, including A, C, E, B1, B2, and B6, as well as Hyaluronic Acid and amino acids, it not only imparts a luminous tan, it smooths, hydrates and plumps the skin.

Champagne Illuminating Body Liquid
This weightless liquid effortlessly glides over your skin, delivering a sun-kissed radiance with light-reflecting particles for a smoothing effect. Suitable for both the face and body, its user-friendly formula blends seamlessly with all skin types and tones, ensuring a consistently flawless finish.

Champagne Glow Mist
Achieve the ultimate sun-kissed radiance with the Bellamianta X Maura Higgins Shimmer Glow Mist. Infused with skin-loving ingredients, including Hyaluronic Acid for hydration and Niacinamide for improved skin texture, this mist ensures a long-lasting dewy glow. The mist also features a variety of fruit extracts rich in essential vitamins to enhance overall skin condition, while Cucumber Fruit Extract softens and boosts skin elasticity. This ultra-fine mist delivers a radiant glow, perfect for instantly enhancing your natural beauty or adding luminosity to your makeup.

Champagne Illuminating Bronzing Powder
This lightweight formula, rich in ultra-fine pigments, expertly plays with light to accentuate your features, resulting in a luminous look that’s suitable for both face and body. It’s the perfect choice for those seeking subtle coverage while maintaining a natural appearance, as it seamlessly complements your skin’s undertones, ensuring a flawless, sun-kissed finish without any sun exposure. Versatile in its use, it’s your go-to for contouring or adding a delicate golden shimmer, destined to become a makeup collection staple.

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