Beauty Guru Louise McDonnell and BPerfect Cosmetics have done it again

by Rose Barrett
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Perfect Cosmetics

For make-up fashionistas, this new and improved, double-layered palette by makeup maven Louise McDonnell and beauty juggernaut BPerfect Cosmetics is yet another masterpiece!

With 12 stunning eyeshadows and four multi-use face powders for effortless, on-the-go glamour, BPerfect and LMD are thrilled to be revealing their latest venture: the aptly named Masterpiece palette. This boasts Louise’s signature face and eye shades, expertly crafted to empower you to achieve your most glamorous look.  

Six years ago, BPerfect Cosmetics and Beauty Guru Louise McDonnell made history with their inaugural collaboration, igniting a frenzy throughout the beauty world. The BPerfect X LMD Master Palette, their explosive joint creation, created waves of excitement across Ireland when it was launched, disappearing from the shelves within a matter of hours.

And now their new BPerfect Cosmetics X LMD Masterpiece palette includes eight rich matte eyeshadows, four shimmering foiled eyeshadows, and four multi-purpose face powders; including a matte blush, a shimmering blush, and two powder bronzers is going to cause another wave of excitement in the cosmetic world.

Perfect for the party season, this clever compact is sure to be on every beauty lover’s wish list this Christmas. 

But there’s more to this palette than meets the eye. Open upthe second layer to reveal a matte blusher that imparts a delicate flush of rosy radiance and a subtle, healthy glow to your cheeks, whilst the shimmer blusher gracefully casts a radiant veil over your complexion, enhancing your inner glow. The two versatile powder bronzers are your secret to sculpting a sun-kissed finishing touch that appears effortlessly natural, accentuating your beauty with every application. 

This two-layer golden palette complete with mirror is available for €39.95 at and BPerfect Mega Store at Blanchardstown Shopping Centre. 

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