Balbriggan proving a real ‘catch’ as movie and TV series location

Virgin’ Media’s pulsating drama ‘The Catch’ highlights north Dublin’s scenic coastline

by Rose Barrett
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Balbriggan’s credentials as a location for film and television have again been enhanced by hit Virgin Media series ‘The Catch’, a pulsating four episode drama with so many layers. Aired recently, it was gripping to say the least!

The series was filmed in and around Balbriggan last year, despite being depicted as set in the south west of is just one of over 20 film, television and music video productions made in Balbriggan since 2019.

Available on Virgin Media’s Player, this psychological thriller starring Jason Watkins, Poppy Gilbert and Aneurin Barnard has already aired on Channel 5 in the UK.

Balbriggan’s splendid harbour and stunning landscape makes it an easy choice for TV and film producers Pic: Tony Healy.

The town’s innate charm and the stunning beauty of the surrounding area is proving a hit with film and television producers. Earlier this year, another feature film, ‘Kathleen’ has been recording scenes in the area.

Scenes from ‘The Green Knight’ an 2021, an acclaimed epic medieval fantasy film, starring Dev Patel, which grossed over $19m, were filmed in the area in 2020. Other highlights have included ‘Operation Transformation’ which recorded at  Bremore Castle in 2019.

It was the first time the show recorded a regional template which proved so successful that the programme has moved around the country since.

A two-time Emmy Award winner, who is spearheading an initiative to turn the north Co Dublin town into one of the country’s leading centres for the arts, says Balbriggan has unlimited potential as a location for film and television.

Former TV producer, US native Eamonn Donlyn, now settled with his family in Balbriggan, is working with local stakeholders to help grow the arts in the town.

The one-time ESPN/Disney and CBS executive is developing a creative arts strategy for Balbriggan in collaboration with the Our Balbriggan Rejuvenation programme led by Fingal County Council’s Economic, Enterprise, Cultural and Tourism Department.

“Balbriggan offers everything a film or television producer could want, from an urban streetscape to the majestic beauty of its coastline, countryside and ancient monuments, as well as all the ancillary services required,” he said.

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