Proactive steps for your baby’s health

by Rose Barrett
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Are you looking to get answers for your baby/child’s poor health, asks Rose Barrett? Are you seeking a natural approach? You want to be proactive but you don’t quite know where to start?

“At Belen Optimum Health, we help parents to build strong health foundations for their children. We use a natural, whole-body approach and pay special attention to the child and family’s unique needs. Nutrition is one of the bases for a happy, healthy child. Craniosacral therapy helps with digestion, mood and behaviour,” said Belén, a nutritional and craniosacral therapist, integrative baby therapy practitioner and mum of three herself.

Mum Belén runs Belen Optimum Health and is also a resident of Malahide. Get in touch at or call 085-809 9895.

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