Ayu Cosmetics for ageless beauty: from the twenty somethings to the classic veterans!

by Rose Barrett
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Boundless beauty has no age limit, so why confine your choices when it comes to your cosmetics? From fresh faced twenty-somethings to vanity veterans, homegrown makeup mavens Ayu Cosmetics know exactly how to cater for the ageless mindset, believing that looking and feeling beautiful has no expiration date.  

Empowering women with the superpower of enhancing their true beauty effortlessly, this Irish-owned premium cosmetics company takes pride in creating eternal beauty throughout the generational standards, and that can be seen amongst their angelic, ageless muses.  

Ayu’s range of carefully curated cosmetics caters for their loyal following of women of all ages across the globe, helping them to achieve that classic, natural radiance by honouring their inner beauty, reaching the ultimate level of self-confidence through the power of cosmetics.  

From a glowing, flawless base to a bronzed bone structure, their makeup bag essentials range from their best-selling concealer born from the need for a lightweight coverage for the delicate under eye area, to their long-lasting Hyaluronic Acid infused Perfect Skin foundation, to eye-popping shades of shadows, blushers, bronzers and more to revitalise and boost your complexion, confidence and overall lust for life. 

Check out their full range in-store at Kildare Village, and online via www.ayu.ie, with international shipping options available

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