Meet the ultra gentle hydration that works in harmony with your skin’s ‘microbiome’

Check out Avene's Tolerance Hydra-10 range

by Rose Barrett
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Did you know your skin microbiome is completely unique?

Your microbiome is made up of micro-organisms that live on your skin and work to preserve barrier function and protect overall skin health. Keeping the microbiome in balance is crucial for a clear and healthy complexion.

Your skin’s microbiome is affected by everything from skincare itself, age and lifestyle to the environment.

Winter presents an extra challenge – your skin faces extra increased external aggressors, making it weaker, more sensitive, and more prone to breakouts.

Avène Tolerance Hydra-10 is made from a unique biomimetic formulation which replicates the skin – combining natural ingredients found in skin with a simulation of its protective structure. Skin is hydrated WITHOUT disrupting the microbiome – keeping it protected, calm and perfectly balanced.

Dr Doireann O’Leary (above) is Avène’s skincare ambassador. Here are her top winter skin tips:

Consistency is key and practice makes perfect! Get into a routine of moisturising morning and evening to get best results from your moisturiser

Choose a moisturising cleanser like Avène’s Extremely Gentle Cleanser for your morning and evening cleanse

Moisturising damp skin can help to lock in moisture. I moisturise straight after my evening shower to give skin for an extra boost.

Be sure to moisturise an hour or two before bed. You don’t want your moisturiser to end up on your pillow!

Don’t forget your hands and neck too! 

Avene Tolerance Hydra-10 range

100% Natural Formula * 48 hour hydration is rich in Hyaluronic Acid – retaining up to 1,000 times its weight in water. Rich in active ingredient – Avène Thermal Spring Water offers a patented formula of only 10 ingredients. The High tolerance formula – Sterile Cosmetics Technology – contains no preservatives or fragrance and is suitable for adults, babies and children.

Check out the two new products, Tolerance Hydra-10 Fluid €24 – suitable for normal to combination skin and Tolerance Hydra-10 Cream €24 – suitable for dry/ very dry skin.

Apply to the face, neck and eye contour morning and night after cleanser.

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