Local authorities and multi agencies unite to combat illegal dumping

by Rose Barrett
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Rose Barrett

Illegal dumping and fly tipping have been the bane of many communities and councils across Dublin with many scenic wooded locations becoming dumping grounds.

In the past week, Fingal County Council’s Waste Enforcement Section participated in a multi-agency checkpoint operation to tackle illegal waste activities.

An intelligence led vehicle check point was conducted in Fingal, in an area known for significant waste dumping. The check points were located both northbound and southbound on a main artery within close proximity to the M1 to capture waste movements within the area and enroute to other counties outside of Fingal.

Dublin City Council in its role as lead authority for the Eastern Midlands WERLA (Waste Enforcement Regional Lead Authority), coordinated the operation on behalf of An Garda Síochána’s Dublin Metropolitan Region’s Multi-Agency Forum.  The latter is one out of four of the Garda National Bureau of Criminal Investigation’s multi-agency regional networks, which enable a multi-faceted enforcement approach by bringing together key stakeholders.

Representative agencies for this joint operation also included An Garda Síochána, FCC’s Waste Enforcement Section, DCC’s Waste Enforcement Section, the Road Safety Authority (RSA) and the National TransFrontier Shipment Office (NTFSO).

The participation of different agencies proved to be very beneficial. Multi-agency operations such as this have a positive deterrent effect on criminality, help to raise awareness and lead to positive outcomes relating not only to waste but other offences also.

The Eastern Midlands WERLA will continue to support the Garda multi-regional networks by building on their established links supporting a co-ordinated approach to waste enforcement across the Region. FCC stated it heartily supports this collaborative approach and will provide further assistance through multi-agency operations to curtail illegal dumping and tackle unauthorised waste collectors.

So, fly tippers beware, the local authorities with multi agency assistance could be getting deep and dirty in the battle against illegal waste dumping!

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