Bestselling author Caroline Grace-Cassidy launches ‘it’s a Wonderful Life for Lexie Byrne (aged 41¼)’

by Alison O'Hanlon
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The story follows Lexie Byrne’s now questionable long-distance romance with Adam Cooper, and her best friend Annemarie’s worries about his lack of commitment. Then, as Lexie anxiously awaits his plans to reunite with her for Christmas in Dublin, he fulfils her bucket list with a surprise trip to New York! 

Will there be a small velvet box of commitment? Or will the complications of Adams still besotted ex-wife ruin their chance at happiness? With unexpected twists, startling discoveries and lots of Christmas surprises, it’s the perfect feelgood festive read.

It’s a Wonderful Life for Lexie Byrne (aged 41¼) will become a festive favourite as it explores real life at Christmas, long distance love, the importance of female friendships, the struggles of modern motherhood and the challenges of starting over. Perfect for fans of Marian Keyes, Beth O’Leary and Sophie White.  

Writer and filmmaker Caroline Grace-Cassidy is the author of nine novels. She is creative director at Document Films, with whom she has written and directed seven short films. Caroline is a well-known TV panelist and she hosts ‘Bookbirds’, a popular podcast.

She has two feature films in development, Bride Squad & The Quiet Woman, and a TV series Make Yourself At Home she also contributes to Women’s Way, RSVP and You Magazine. Caroline lives in Dublin with her husband and two daughters.

Campbell Brown said: “It’s great to be back working with Caroline to release this delightfully festive story. We love Lexie as a character and so glad Caroline is continuing her journey. A brilliant, heartfelt read full of humour and poignant moments we know are going to connect with so many people.”

Caroline said: “Although romance drives the story, Lexie Byrne is ultimately about the importance of female friendship, the ones who know the real, unfiltered, unguarded you. I’ve always wondered why these friendships aren’t prioritized enough as women move into their 40’s. After all, it’s these shared experiences that form who we are.

My biggest thanks to the readers of the first Lexie Byrne book because they pushed me to know more about Lexie and now the sequel in born! I decided to set it as Christmas as it’s my favorite time of year and I was born on Christmas Day! I’m incredibly lucky to be working on my fifth novel with Black & White Publishing – and I hope the book brings festive cheer. 

It’s a Wonderful Life for Lexie Byrne (aged 41 ¼) is now widely available in bookshops.

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