A relaxing cuppa is just the tea-ket

by Emma Nolan
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“It’s tough, it’s definitely a big challenge,” Daniella Moyles tells The Gazette on her daily 5am start.
The Gazette sat down with model and radio presented Daniella Moyles to discuss an average day (of which there’s not many) in her life.
Daniella says that switching to doing the morning show, Fully Loaded with Cormac and Daniella, which starts at 6:45am on weekdays was a “big lifestyle overhaul”.
“I’m getting there now,” she said. “I get up around half five and I generally go through the same morning routine as anyone else.”
Daniella said that since she found out that she has an intolerance to dairy and coffee is a no go, green tea has been a lifesaver for her early start.
“I found out that I was intolerant to dairy and I was like ‘Oh my god now I won’t be able to drink coffee’ but then I realised that green tea was better because I don’t get that mid-afternoon slump and I have more energy.”
If it’s not raining, the radio host will cycle to work.
“I try not to drive because parking in town is so stressful and when I cycle I’m really fresh for the show.”
For the show each morning, Daniella and her co-host Cormac will do their research beforehand while she has a bowl of porridge for breakfast.
“After the show, if it’s a plain ole day we stay afterwards and do some post production stuff but I usually have to leave straight away.”
As a model, Daniella makes regular appearances at photocalls and various events.
“I could be doing an ambassador role or a modelling job or filming small segments for TV, a DJ set or any number of other things – the days change all the time.”
While her routine is never the same, she does like to keep some things consistent and tries to get to the gym at least twice a week.
“I always get the gym in and try to make good food choices – I am always kind of tired though,” she laughs.
“One day I think I’m just going to retire on a farm in Kerry and live off the land and be free from deadlines,” she jokes. “But at the moment my days are extremely hectic.”
With her early starts, a good night’s sleep is crucial for Daniella.
“When I first started drinking green tea I didn’t realise that it gives you energy, and I was having it at night and wondering why I couldn’t sleep so now I’ll substitute that with a chamomile tea to start to unwind around eight or nine to get ready to sleep.”
Daniella is the new ambassador for Lipton’s Be More Tea campaign.

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