12 Dublin eateries curry favour at top competition

by Emma Nolan
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Twelve Dublin eateries took home gold awards at the Irish Curry Awards at the Crowne Plaze, Belfast.
Indie Spice Grill Swords, Masala, Kathmandu Kitchen, Kasturi, 3 Leaves, Banaras, Veda, Indie Spice Sandymount, Chameleon, Nightmarket, Tamarind and Saba 2 Go were among the winners.
The awards were created by Belfast-based restaurateur Askir Ali to recognise the contribution made to Ireland’s food scene by hundreds of Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and other Asian chefs, restaurant workers and managers.
Speaking on the success of the event, founder Askir Ali said: “Curry may have been born in India, but it has grown and matured across Ireland. The Irish Curry Awards are recognition of that.
“I was really surprised and thrilled to see the level of support that was out there for the Irish Curry Awards and I am delighted that year two has been just as successful as the first.
“Nominations were up this year and the standard was too.
“We had in place a broad mix of judges and food critics onboard again this year.”
A total of 18 Asian eateries in Dublin won either gold or silver on the night.
Plans have already been put in place for next year’s event which will mark the third year of the Irish Curry Awards.

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