Trainer Tips: Food swaps to help keep the holidays healthy

by Rachel Darcy

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]‘Tis the Christmas season and temptation is everywhere. The trainers at Icon Health Clubs have put together some tips if you want to trim some festive calories without compromising on the taste.

Even on Christmas Day, when turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and ham are in abundance, make sure vegetables take up one third of the space on your dinner plate.

If you’re in charge of cooking, steam the veg where possible or use only a small amount of water. Brussels sprouts, peas and carrots can all be served unbuttered. Use the veg water for gravy and any leftover vegetables in a delicious soup to help fill you up and keep down the calorie count in the days after Christmas.

SCRAMBLED EGGS: made with single cream and smoked salmon (465 calories, 27.8g fat)
SWAP FOR: Scrambled eggs (made with skimmed milk) and smoked salmon (376 calories; 21g fat)
Saving: 89 calories, 6.8g fat

MEDIUM-SIZED GLASS MULLED WINE: (245 calories, 0g fat)
SWAP FOR: A glass of champagne (114 calories, 0g fat)
Saving: 131 calories

4 SLICES ROASTED, SELF-BASTED TURKEY: (250 calories, 10g fat)
SWAP FOR: 4 slices of roasted, free-range or organic turkey (149 calories, 4g fat). Serve it without the skin as most of the fat nestles just beneath.
Saving: 101 calories, 6g fat.

4 ROAST POTATOES: (381 calories, 12g fat)
SWAP FOR: 4 boiled potatoes with knob of butter (250 calories; 2g fat)
Saving: 131 calories, 10g fat
The bird: Turkey is a great source of protein and a low fat meat. Most of the fat that is present in a cooked turkey will be found in the skin. So don’t eat the skin.

SWAP FOR: 3-4tbsp of gravy made with granules (15 calories, 0.6g fat)
Saving: 65 calories, 1.4g fat

MINCE PIE WITH DOUBLE CREAM: (368 calories, 25g fat)
SWAP FOR: A filo pastry mince pie with 1tsp of low fat Greek yoghurt (105 calories, 1.9g of fat)
Saving: 263 calories, 23.1g fat

30g CHUNK OF STILTON: (123 calories, 10.5g fat)
SWAP FOR: A 30g chunk of camembert (87 calories, 6.8g fat)
Saving: 36 calories

And remember, never go really hungry to a Christmas party gathering. You can be hungry, but when blood sugar is much too low from lack of protein, you’ll find yourself making a bee-line for the pastry table.

Nibble on some protein before you leave the house to avoid over-eating at the pastry table. Try a few spoonsful of egg salad (or half of a hard-boiled egg), or a small scoop of tuna or chicken salad, a slice of turkey, wedge of cheese, or a handful of almonds.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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