Call for traffic-calming in Skerries after beloved dog killed

by Sylvia Pownall

A man whose dog was run over as she sat on the path outside his house has called for traffic-calming measures at a nearby school.

Ritchie Chapman (39) watched in horror as a jeep mounted the path and reversed over his beloved collie, Maggie (inset), which suffered catastrophic injuries.

The rescue dog’s legs were crushed under the vehicle’s wheels and although she was rushed to the vet he had to put her to sleep.

Now Ritchie, who lives in Mourne View estate in Skerries, is demanding traffic controls outside Realt na Meara NS, which is located on a residential cul de sac.

He told Dublin Gazette: “Maggie was just lying on the path outside the house. A jeep drove into the school then reversed back out, up on the path and over her back legs.

“I had her four years. She was clever, and she didn’t chase cars, she was just lying down. It happened around 1.40pm, just before the young kids get out of school.

“I’ve a four-year-old daughter who nearly saw it as well. She came out of the side of the house just after it happened, but my twin brother grabbed her and brought her back inside.

“It could have been my daughter who got run over, she had been out two minutes earlier.”

Ritchie is calling for traffic-calming measures outside the local national school where he says there are only enough parking spaces for staff and the space is too tight for cars to turn around.

He said: “It’s just chaos, there’s too many cars trying to get into the school. They block you in, they park anywhere. They drive in through the school gates and reverse back out. It is dangerous.”

A spokesperson for Fingal County Council said they had not received any complaints about traffic at the school, adding: “The council’s road safety office is happy to assist members of the public with complaints or enquiries and can be reached at”

However, local Cllr Tom O’Leary (FG) said he had raised the issue with council engineers.

He said: “The school asked for flexible bollards to restrict parking near the gates and

I have lobbied the council for that, as haphazard parking is a danger.
“At my request the road safety officer will visit the school, examine and report on the options.”

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