Safe Cross Toad for Dublin local residents

by Gazette Reporter

DRIVERS are being asked to keep an eye out for frogs and toads on the road as their migration season approaches.

Environmentalists warn against KERMITTING any road traffic offences as the amphibians brave crossing the road to reach spawning grounds.

The Dublin 18 Scenery Appreciation group posted on its Facebook page uploading a video of hundreds of frogs in a bid to raise awareness so they don’t CROAK it.

They wrote: “Amazing spectacle at local Rathmicheal Woods… hundreds of frogs gathering in the pond. With frog numbers declining drastically over the last 30 years it’s great to see.

Rathmichael Wood

“We are coming close to a critical time in the year for frogs and toads as thousands will shortly start to follow traditional migration routes on their way to spawning ponds. Barnacullia operated frog patrols last year to protect them as they crossed roads.”

Last year, Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council announced it would roll out ‘frog patrols’ to help the little hoppers on their migration.

The local authority explained: “Drivers find it hard to see the frogs because they mostly migrate at night, but we are asking for your help.

“Our biodiversity officer along with our traffic section is working with the Herpetological Society of Ireland (HSI) and its volunteers to help the frogs and toads get across the road safely.

“These volunteers act like a taxi service using buckets to transport the frogs and toads across the road.

“We need the public’s help with assisting the volunteers by using alternative routes to the Barnacullia areas or slowing down and stopping when the volunteers are working on the road.”

They added, “Please note that the timing of amphibian migrations is not an exact science so some nights may be very busy and will continue later into the night, and others may see no movement at all and be completed earlier.”

Frogspawn appears in ponds from late January onwards, depending on the weather. Frogs often return to the pond where they were spawned, where males attract females by croaking.

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