Teresa’s Gardens residents get keys to new homes

by Gazette Reporter
St Teresa's Garden resident

THE first former residents of St Teresa’s Gardens in the south inner city were given the keys to their new home at Margaret Kennedy Road at the weekend.

The new development at Margaret Kennedy Road forms part of Dublin City Council’s ongoing regeneration project for the original complex of 12 blocks of flats which was built in the early 1950s. 

Long-time resident of St Teresa’s Gardens Kris Taylor was one of the first in line to get the keys to her new house which is just a stones-throw from the flats.

Kris, who is a member of the regeneration board, said: “I have lived in St Teresa’s Gardens for the last 35 years. I have met many wonderful people in the flats over the years and I have lots of happy memories of living in St Teresa’s Gardens.

“Whilst the programme has sometimes been frustrating and slow I am pleased that we have now arrived at the stage when we are moving into our new homes.”

She continued: “I am very hopeful for the future of our community. Whilst there will be a tinge of sadness about leaving St Teresa’s Gardens it is also true to say that there will always be a bit of St Teresa’s Gardens in all of us and we look forward to taking the community spirit which existed in the flats for 70 years across to Margaret Kennedy Road.

“Together with the other residents and families who will be joining us we should be able to create a really strong, caring and vibrant community.”

Lord Mayor Cllr Hazel Chu added: “I know Kris has been waiting a long time for this so I’m thrilled for her that today has finally come.

“Sometimes when you want something so much you begin to wonder if it will ever happen, but if you keep believing eventually you get days like today. I want to wish Kris all the very best in her new home.”

The construction of 54 new housing units at Margaret Kennedy Road (which is right beside St Teresa’s Gardens on Donore Avenue) is the first stage in a major redevelopment of public lands in the St Teresa’s Gardens area.

Further stages will include a municipal sports facility, public parks, public playgrounds, cafes and crèches (with a pitch the size of Croke Park) and around 750 new social and cost rental housing units on public lands.

A significant proportion of these housing units will be allocated to existing residents of St Teresa’s Gardens. When the existing residents have all moved across to their new homes the two remaining blocks of flats in St Teresa’s Gardens will be demolished in order to make way for the new sports complex.

Pictured is Lord Mayor, Hazel Chu with Kris Taylor who was presented with the keys to her new house with Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage, Darragh O’Brien TD
Photo Chris Bellew /Fennell Photography.

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