Trends in fashion change like the weather, and everyone tries to dip their toe into whatever is ‘cool’ at any given moment.

This phenomenon as of late has become known as ‘twinning’ – people trying to replicate looks seen on social media to the detriment of having the exact same look as someone else.

“I would really encourage people to champion their own style” says psychologist Carolyn Wair, author of ‘The Psychology of Fashion’.

While she wouldn’t necessarily negate trends and their influencing power, Carolyn says there’s something in every trend that can inspire the wearer.

“We can find we can feel and look great in something that we would not have expected. This is where stores like TK Maxx are great. Somewhere that carries different styles and designers where you can try to find what works best for you, or what could inspire you.”

Carolyn is currently working with TK Maxx on their #MaxximumStyle campaign, which encourages individuals to explore what makes them comfortable, and helps them to stand out from the crowd.

Looking at trends as a whole, Carolyn suggests that anyone who is looking to be considered more fashionable, who wants to champion a sense of individuality through their clothing, should choose an aspect of what’s trendy and try to tailor it to their own style.

“Rather than copying the entire look, take something like the shape of sleeves and adjust it to what makes you comfortable. Something small that will still help you look trendy as well as fashionable,” Carolyn says, .


Stylist Cathy O’Connor

“I really encourage people to experiment with clothes. We do have styles that we feel comfortable in, but experimenting can really be an eye opener,” Carolyn said.
Working with the fashion industry, Carolyn says she believes elements of psychology and fashion can go hand in hand.

Carolyn says: “My advice, and hopefully empowerment of consumers, comes from an evident space within psychology, the understanding of identity and self.
“Understanding that we have different selves, and different situations, and how our personality changes.

“I would say to consumers to think about the context when they are choosing an item of clothing, whether it relates to a particular concept or it’s an item of clothing they love and will find a scenario to wear that in.”

The TK Maxx #MaxximumStyle campaign encourages people to show off share their style with the TK Maxx Facebook and Twitter, so share what makes you, well, you!