Stash your luggage safely this St Patrick’s Day

by Gazette Reporter

Luggage start-up CityStasher is offering to look after your bag for less this weekend, to help Dubliners from losing their belongings during the St Patrick’s Day celebrations.

The company, which operates a network for left luggage across the capital, will be releasing codes via Twitter to give Dubliners the opportunity to leave bags, luggage and buggies in safe places before they get on the Guinness, for less than the cost of a pint.

Dubliners will be able to choose from 10 ‘StashPoints’ across the city to drop off their bags. The venues range from local hotels to newsagents, all of whom have secure spaces for luggage. Each item left is insured for up to €800 and fitted with a security tag on arrival. All users need to do is find a convenient spot, book online and drop off their stuff.

CityStasher decided to offer their services at a 17% discount this 17th March after hearing that 13 million pints of Guinness are expected to be consumed on Saturday and almost a fifth of young people lose items when drunk. That’s a lot of alcohol and a lot of potential lost items.

Codes for an extra cheap ‘stash’ will be released via CityStasher’s Twitter on Friday via direct message. Users must book online to secure their spot – payments cannot be made in store.

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