Spring 21 trend: hairclips and how to wear them

by Amy Rohu

Springtime brings about many different new trends when it comes to fashion and sometimes it can be overwhelming. If you are looking for the easiest way to dip your toe in a new trend then you’ll be happy to hear that hairclips have made a comeback this season.

When you think of hairclips you probably think of something you wore when you were in school. These hairclips are more of a statement piece then just for function.

They come bedazzled in bright gems and have enough sparkle you won’t need any other accessories. If you are looking for a simple version try a tortoiseshell print or a classic gold. These can be worn with any outfit and will make you feel a bit more put together.

If you want to really embrace spring then pick up a pair like these blue ones from M&S. They can be worn alone or all together for an on trend look.

Not only are they covered in flashy embellishments this spring, hair clips are now coming in all shapes and sizes too. Those claw clips from the 90s are making a comeback. Just throw your hair up off your neck and pop one of those in for effortless glam.

If you want to really make a statement then try just one clip, but make sure it’s extra-large and adorned with something like pearls, this big clip is not for the fashion shy! If you are feeling really brave, then raid your clip drawer and put them all on. Yes, every single clip, all at once, the more the better (Well, within reason).

This look is so unexpected and over the top, it just works. Popping on a wild array of clips and pairing it with a simple jeans and tee is the freshest way to take on this trend.

Not only will they hide a bad hair day they will also give your hair a much needed pick me up while the salons are still closed.

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