Skoda delivers a car worthy of its Superb title

by Michael Moroney


The Skoda Superb has got a reputation for being a big car and that’s well founded. The latest model has even greater comfort and good economy with a 2.0 litre turbo-diesel engine that Michael Moroney found a real treat.

IF YOU want space in a car, then you just have to consider the new Skoda Superb; and if you want to add an extra bit of style opt for the SportLine versions

There is simply no other car on the market that brings together the balance of space with competitive pricing, low running costs and new, impressive styling.
You have to drive the Superb to get the full impact of the space within the car. With this new third-generation Superb, the car is bigger, more modern and packed with additional features to make it more comfortable to drive.

The 2.0 litre turbo-diesel engine is the engine of choice for me and was the engine in the car that I drove some weeks ago.
This allows the big car to achieve its best when it comes to on-road comfort and driveability. Volkswagen fits a very similar engine in the new generation Passat.


The performance figures are almost identical between the Superb and the Passat, even though the Superb feels such a bigger car.

There’s virtually nothing to separate them in terms of performance and economy – and that’s even if the Superb was 35% poorer in economy terms than the Skoda-rated figure.
It still meant that with some longer journeys I was able to return a range of more than 1,000km from the car’s 66-litre fuel tank.

When you couple that with a low 118g/km CO2 rating for the automatic version fitted with the renowned Volkswagen Group DSG gearbox, then this Superb has to be a very low cost car to run.

There is little to separate the Superb from the Passat in terms of performance and the pricing is merging now, too.
So, once again it’s a space thing, and here the Superb wins out against all comers – even the big Ford Mondeo.

While against the measuring tape it is a little shorter than the Mondeo, it has far more legroom, especially for the rear passengers, and the Superb’s boot area, with the large hatchback-type opening, gives acres of load space.

While it’s big on the inside and very spacious it doesn’t feel too big on the outside. This is a comfortable car to drive and I found it easy to get used to its overall dimensions, helped by the reversing camera kit in the SportLine version.

And now Skoda has added more technology to the car. This includes a variety of custom-built applications that drivers can use to send data from their car directly to their smart phones.

The system also allows drivers to control smartphone applications from their car dashboard. The system has connectivity with both Apple and Android via SmartLink technology. Skoda retains the facility to insert an SD card for storage and to play music files.

There are a number of USB ports to allow you to connect and charge external storage devices and the car comes with Bluetooth audio streaming.

Skoda’s new SmartGate technology allows the driver to see the performance and economy data from the car’s electronic control unit using special apps created by Skoda.

I found it interesting that you could convert the car into a WiFi zone and use it to connect other mobile devices to the outside world.

There is no shortage of technology in this car for Dublin drivers to use. Individual drivers can have the flexibility to pick and choose from this technology menu for entertainment or for work.

The new Superb features a range of new assistance systems that provide a new level of safety for drivers, passengers and pedestrians.
This third-generation model has seven airbags (front side, curtain and driver’s knee) as standard and there ISO-Fix couplings in the rear seats for two children.

The car comes with a number of other features as standard including Automatic Post Collision Braking System, and Front Assist, and has a Euro NCAP five-star rating.
Skoda Superb cars seem to be holding their values well with low depreciation costs which make this a very cost-effective large car to own.

It has load space, passenger space and good towing ability all wrapped up in a more modern looking car that gives ownership value.

The entry prices for the 2.0 litreTDI SportLine Superb start at €40,945. Prices have dropped marginally since last year to give improved value.
This is a car worth driving if you need the space and don’t want to pass up on passenger comfort, leaving you impressed by a car that’s Superb in more than its name alone.

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