Transeasonal Dressing with Simply Be

by Amy Rohu

BY Amy Rohu

We’re in that awkward place right now when it comes to fashion, the sky is grey more often than not but it’s still warm and humid, perfect weather to go out in a t-shirt and then suddenly you’re freezing.

This late August, in-between seasons phase can be difficult to navigate, but with a few new ideas you can nail some trends and give your wardrobe a lift, too. Simply Be are making transeasonal dressing easy this year with some of their latest additions.

While you don’t have to grab a winter coat just yet, now is the perfect time to start adding some autumn pieces to your wardrobe, that will see you through this season and beyond.

Black Gilet

A huge trend this autumn/winter is going to be punky checks and prints, so get ahead of the pack now and grab a pair of checked trousers in skinny fit or wide leg, or even a blush pink check mini skirt. Team with a plain white t-shirt for a quick but cool look and don’t forget a light jacket to cover up if it gets chilly.

Check Trouser €36.50

Simply Be also have some gorgeous autumn colours creeping in from warm hues to jewel toned dresses, cosy faux fur and soft and cuddly lounge wear, there’s something to suit all tastes as the evenings slowly begin to get darker.

Mini Skirt €28

This autumn fashion seems to be making a comeback and trends seem to be bolder than ever, getting started on your winter wardrobe now is not only practical, but it’s a little exciting too, after all, you deserve a treat. Happy Shopping!

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