How to reduce your plastic use

by Amy Rohu

Begin to reduce your reliance on single-use plastics today. There’s lots of information out there but starting small and building a habit is the best way to start.

1. Buy loose fruit and vegetables

2. Plan your meals in advance and cook more from scratch 

3. Make your own snacks and treats 

4. Buy food in bulk at a zero waste store 

5. Buy a reusable water bottle and coffee cup

6. Bring your canvas bags to the grocery shop

7. Buy drinks in glass bottles

8. Save your empty sauce jars and reuse them

9. Say no to plastic straws, bags and cutlery when out

10. Invest in a metal safety razor 

11. Have a go at making your own products, like deodorant and lip balm 

12. Try natural cleaning products you can make yourself 

13. Get a shampoo bar instead of bottled shampoo

14. Use bars of soap in the shower and at the sink 

15. Buy a bamboo toothbrush 

16. Buy reusable make-up pads for removing make-up

17. Opt for non-plastic wrapped foods 

18. Recycle waste in all rooms of the home, not just the kitchen 

19. Use what you have and buy less

20. Remember, progress not perfection. These changes take time, so have fun! 

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