A new year, so time for a new job, think employees – survey

by Gazette Reporter

A RECENT survey by recruitment consultancy, Osborne, has revealed that 85% of respondents have started back to work for 2018 – and the first thing on their to-do-list is to look for a new job.
A better salary (28%), and a new challenge (20%) are the two main driving forces behind the search, with promotion, location and a complete change of career completing the top five reasons, and more than a quarter citing all five as the reason to change jobs.
Shona McManus, Osborne’s chief executive, said: “Having time to regroup over Christmas and the opportunities that the New Year brings gives many employees the chance to reflect on the past year and make resolutions and plans for the year ahead.
“In today’s market, candidates may find it difficult to get clarity and direction on next steps, as there are a number of employment platforms available.
“Some 9% of those surveyed have not changed jobs within the past 10 years, so for them, finding a new role or company could be extremely daunting.”
Joanne Murray, recruitment and business manager at Osborne, added: “A career plan is a good way to start the year for any employee.
“To get started, we advise performing a self-assessment or personal audit, which consists of making a list of skills, abilities and experiences.
“This will act as a snapshot of who they are as an employee, and what they can offer.
“Creating long- and short-term career goals will help the candidate to critically assess their objectives and decide on reasonable goals, which they will then list, starting from the long-term goals and working backwards, identifying benchmarks along the path towards their long-term goals,” she said.

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