Mousetrap routines help Helen to stay fit

by Gazette Reporter

ENGLISH actor Helen Clapp is not an early riser, The Gazette discovered while in conversation with her about her life on the road touring Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap.

The classic whodunnit stops off this November at the Bord Gais Energy Theatre as part of a 60th anniversary tour.
Clapp, who plays Mollie Ralston, said: “With the tour, at the moment I get up at about 10-ish. Normally I’d have porridge, a yoghurt and a smoothie.
“Then, I have quite a relaxed morning because most of my work happens later in the evening, which involves lots of Netflix and BBC Player.
“I’m enjoying the Great British Bake-Off at the moment, so I’ll usually catch an hour of something like that.
“Then, I usually head to the gym for running and rowing. When I’m back in London I like running outside, but when you’re in a different city it’s easier to head to the gym.
“I usually try to find one that’s got a steam-room, because it’s really good for your voice and I’m using mine all the time.
“So, I spend a couple of hours in the gym, and though I usually have to drag myself there, I feel much better afterwards,” she said.
“I find somewhere for lunch and might meet up with one of the cast, mid-afternoon, and have something quite carby, like pasta, but nothing too huge and heavy.
“There’s definitely a bit of science to the schedule – you can’t leave eating too late because you’ll feel too full onstage, but neither can you have it too early or you’ll be really hungry when you get to the show.
“I head into the theatre about 5-ish and read the paper or answer emails and catch up with everyone in the company before getting ready for the show at 5.30pm.
“I’m pretty much on stage from 7.30pm until 10pm. though in the interval we’ll pop into one of the dressing rooms for a cup of tea,” said Clapp.
“After the show, I’m still pumped-up. It’s like getting off work, so we usually head to a nice local pub for a couple of drinks. I really enjoy visiting local pubs and meeting the people – it’s a really nice thing about touring.
“I head to wherever I’m staying at around 11.30pm and I’ll have a cup of tea and relax by watching an episode of something funny, or read my book. I do have to wind down; I can’t just switch off before getting a good night’s sleep,” she said.
Clapp is appearing in The Mousetrap at Bord Gais Energy Theatre from November 10 to 15. Tickets priced €18 are on sale now from Ticketmaster; telephone 0818 719 377.

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